The Who at Atlantic City, NJ - Boardwalk Hall


The Who Setlist Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ, USA 2013, Quadrophenia and More 2012/13 North American Tour




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Review by Max Ker-Seymer

I'd like to dispel a couple of myths before the narrative continues. First of all, There's no sand on the beach in Brighton. It is a pebble beach and you need beach shoes. Secondly, not all mods cause havoc in resort areas during the summer. It's like saying all Muslims are terrorists (or something like that !)

I was 17 in 1964, I had the Clothes, shoes and hairstyle. In 1965 I had the young Brighton girlfriend and we spent our time drinking coffee, seeing Foreign movies and smoking lots of French cigarettes. I also spent a lot of time arguing with civilians about The Who as "artists" rather than pop-stars. I had the last laugh on Friday night ... The Who are almost into their 50th year beating Andy Warhol's 15 minute time capsule by half a century.

Thank you Fairies for getting me there! You know who you are. The Boardwalk hall is an Art-Deco monument. The Show was electrifying although I find the lighting to be overly bright. I wore sunglasses, not to be cool but because my eyes were strained. I notice that Simon and Pino were also in shades. I'm not sure about Pete's eyes. He wears glasses yet on stage he's reading his sheet music "naked". Maybe it's all show. I can't stand his bloody music stand and wish that he would kick it over.

Someone else can discuss the set list and nuances. I was amused that PT was using guitar number 5 most of the time and that when he used a capo on the F fret , the appropriate instrument had the "dot" markings crudely inserted with a magic marker. Whatever works!

This production has a full spectrum of sound and I enjoyed the music much more than I did in 1973. The Lyceum show then was a quad train-wreck but the Edmonton Christmas show still ranks in my top 5 . I know that Pete and Roger have the attitude and thank God for Frank Simes.