The Who at Hamilton, ON - Copps Coliseum


The Who Setlist Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, ON, Canada 2013, Quadrophenia and More 2012/13 North American Tour




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Review by Michael Hanley

Its midnight. making the 45 minute trek back to Toronto from Hamilton.

The show was excellent. Vintage Trouble is growing on me. They were even better than the November Toronto show.

A couple of early flubs by Roger, who had earpiece trouble all night. Pete seemed a little subdued at first. First half of Quad went fine. Once they hit 5:15 the juggernaut kicked in. Pete was excellent. Sound was good and clear and I can still feel my whole body shake from the soundwaves. Pete seemed to put a little more in to pull up Rog and it worked. Sarah's Sweet Baboo pulled off an excellent scream in WGFA.

Pete changed the words to "Drowned" to reference Lake Ontario and Niagara Falls. Crowd went nuts.

I keep feeling it might be the last time i see them tour, and if it is, they went out on top.



Review by Relayer Dave from Orillia

From the point of view of “this is my only show this tour”

First ever soundcheck, unfreakinbelievable. Like being in a small auditorium with 50 other people and your favourite band for almost an hour.....

Band bickers, adjusts, blows you away at full concert volume with one of your favourite songs, Pete stops song and asks band “were there keyboards on the record?” (ICSFM) ...audience murmurs “no”, band moves on to next song, band bickers, Roger complains about brass volume, Pete says his mic has too much treble, then too much bass, then just split the difference, band blows you away again at full concert volume, The Real Me, Quad, WAY, I’m One, interspersed with Pete asking Zak if he’s had too much coffee, Roger shaking his head at Frank, a keyboardist looking at Pete shaking his as if to say “I wasn’t even playing!”

For me soundcheck was worth the price of admission.

Concert was no slouch either. The usual Roger ear monitor issues, Pete “coat flap while playing guitar” issues, but other than that an amazingly high energy Who concert. Yes, this was still The Who.....the energy, passion and volume (my ears were still ringing at 1 am) were still there. Zak was incredible, almost channeling Keith sometimes (expressions, arm straight up stick pointing, splashing cymbals with his hands) not sure if this is his usual style or not but he was definitely having fun. At soundcheck Roger said his voice would arrive at 0830.. it did. From where I was standing Pete was not phoning it in either, he was attacking and interacting.

Loved it, I’m happy... Dave