The Who at Chicago - United Center


The Who Setlist United Center, Chicago, IL, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




Who Are You
Eminence Front
Pictures of Lily
I'm One
Pinball Wizard
The Rock
Won't Get Fooled Again



Illinois Entertainer
Eddie Vedder writes about The Who in Rolling Stone!


Review by Nancy Mantick

The Who blew my mind!!! We saw them Thursday night at the United Center in Chicago, which looked to be packed to capacity. My mouth was actually hanging open in amazement at several points during the show, I was so blown away. Anyone who thinks that these are a couple of nice old gents doddering around on the stage would be sorely mistaken. Pete and Roger are leading a living and vital band that is truly a band, all working together, through shows that soar with so much power and beauty that I wonder how the roofs stay on the venues. If this will have been the last time I'll see the band I've loved since I was fourteen years old, then it was an incredible way to end. I'm so thankful to them for a lifetime of passionate and inspired music that has always stirred my soul. I will never forget them. They are written on my heart.


Review by Pat Stanton

The show last night at the United Center in Chicago was wonderful. Roger and Pete were funny and energetic all night. They clearly love to play in Chicago and the fans were very enthusiastic. Roger continues to sound very strong all night. He was bouncing all over the stage clearly energized by the fans. His Love Reign last night was the best on the 2016 tour. He went very low at the end and Pete commented that he somehow gets Johnny Cash into Quad after which Roger sang a bit of Cash. Pete had some guitar issues with WAY but they were quickly resolved and he was brilliant all night. Pete joked about His Irish heritage which is either 1/4 or 1/2 in spite of his nose (his words not mine), saying how much he loves the Irish. He attributes his genius from that heritage, plus his alcoholism. Again his words. There was an inebriated fan directly in front of Pete who kept telling him he loved him all night. At one point Pete looked at him and smiling, told him to just shut up. Funny moment. Roger has been going an intro before Lily saying that the BBC never realized the song that they allowed on the air was about masturbation. He smiles and laughs while performing it each night. After the song last night, Pete commented that he was serious when he sang it as he never meant it to be funny and it was a serious song when he wrote it (clearly tongue in cheek). He then looked at Roger and said that it probably applied to himself much more than Roger when he wrote it. Roger agreed. LOL Same set list as the last 2 shows. The Rock and Sparks are highlights every night. Wonderfully entertaining show.