The Who at Jacksonville, FL - Veterans Memorial Arena


The Who Setlist Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, FL, USA 2015, The Who Hits 50!





Review by Ron Zoni

Seeing the WHO in Jacksonville was a treat for me as they have not been here since 1977.  Out of the gate during the sound check it was obvious that Pete and Roger still have a deep love and passion for performing their music.  They are perfectionists even in the seemingly apparent last tour. As the regular show started Pete came out on fire and began a series of early songs, often explaining their origin. He said he wrote The Seeker in Florida and that he and Roger loved it here. As the night progressed Roger and Pete kept stride and energy even during  a few songs that had some rusty endings, but as usual Pete and Rog held it together and made it something wonderful.  Hearing A Quick One was an exciting treat as I never imagined I'd hear that played live, in fact Pete told the crowd to look it up on YouTube in case they didn't know it ; not sure if he was joking.  They pulled out all the stops on this show and covered Quadropenia, Tommy and the expected mega anthems.  One particular moment that I loved when during My Generation Pino got a rousing applause after the bass solo, something I have not observed during earlier tours. It felt like Pino was finally accepted by the larger audience. Loren and John played fabulous Piano/Keys and Frank wowed with his vocals and some mandolin.  Simon and Zak simply hold the songs together and make them have that harsh sparkle we have grown to love.  Watching these 8 men on stage playing music that was once played by 4 made me truly appreciate the depth of WHO songs. I would love to go to WHO concerts forever and if this is indeed the last tour, Pete and Rog have well earned a rest and time for themselves in whatever capacity  they choose.  Go to a show, pay respect to some musical geniuses and support wonderful charities. Lifetimes of memories are created at these shows.  Thank you to Pete and Roger for caring enough to come through one last time and let us share the magic.  Sincerely, Ron Cianciaruso (aka RonZoni) Jacksonville Florida.

Review by Lauren Eastman

The 3rd show of The Who Hits 50 North American tour was special for me because it was in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL.  My event started with the sound check. We were brought into the arena at about 4:50 PM and stayed for 1 hour.  When we got in the arena, Pete was on stage but Roger was not.  Pete immediately said to the audience "What the fuck am I doing here?" and everyone laughed. Pete started playing Eminence Front.  Then Roger came out and they played Eminence Front again. They were adjusting different guitars on Roger and it was apparent that his left shoulder area was tender.  Roger had his back to the "sound checker audience" for a good part of the sound check.  A good deal of time was spent on the timing of the harmonica section of Magic Bus.  Pete was especially polite and diplomatic when he gave his ideas. They did not play many songs in this sound check but they did play "Bargain".  There was discussion as to whether they should play it because not everyone knew it well.  Eventually, with his back to the audience, Roger said that he thought his dinner was going to come up on him.  A few minutes later he just walked off the stage.  Pete said "It looks like we've made Roger sick" and then the sound check was over.  Of course I was worried about the show at that point, if Roger was sick. BUT, the show was amazing!  Just as the two shows prior in Tampa and Miami, both Roger and Pete were on top of their game. Tonight Roger spoke more than he had the previous 2 nights, and Pete a little less. I was in the front row center for the first time, and it was an experience I will never forget.   Pete and Roger embraced at the end of the show which made the Florida tour complete for me.

Review by Pat Stanton

What a super show in Jacksonville last night. Pete and Roger were both excellent as usual although Pete was peeved after the band messed up the end of Magic Bus. That lasted a couple of songs but he was fine by the end. Same set list as Miami. Bargain was rehearsed at sound check so fingers crossed that it will be added to the set list in the future.