The Who at Milan, Italy - Mediolanum Forum


The Who Setlist Mediolanum Forum di Assago, Assago, Italy, Back to The Who Tour 2016




I Can’t Explain
I Can’t Explain
The Seeker
Who Are You
Who Are You
The Kids Are Alright
The Kids Are Alright / I Can See For Miles
I Can See For Miles
My Generation
My Generation
My Generation
Behind Blue Eyes
Behind Blue Eyes
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
You Better You Bet
The Rock / Love, Reign O’er Me
Love, Reign O’er Me
Love, Reign O’er Me
Love, Reign O’er Me
Amazing Journey
Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Pinball Wizard / See me feel me
Baba O’Riley
Baba O’Riley
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Pete's slide and tumble



Rock On
On Stage


Review by Paul Varey

The outside of the Forum in Milan makes the place look huge. Bigger than some English football stadiums. Step inside though and your transported back to Earls Court sometime in the mid 1970s. So as I took my seat for The Who I was a little underwhelmed. Then Pete came on stage and, looked about as testy as I’ve seen him in a fair while, almost as though he didnt want to be there. The stadium and Petes attitude made me think that this could be as poor a show as any on The Who hits 50 tour. How wrong could I be?

From the minute the first chord rang out the audience went wild and, like adrenaline vampires the band, especially Pete, soaked the atmosphere up and, then reflected it back to audience tenfold. For a short time it was almost as though we were in Earls Court listening to a 70s Who. Of course there was no Keith or John. But Roger was once again a true rock god with the audience worshipping at his feet. Pete was a whirling dervish dancing, windmilling and birdmanning like his life depended on it.

The set was tight, with no unneccasary noodling. This made the jam during My Generation even more special than usual. Jon Coreys intro to The Rock was shorter than usual and, I felt seemed to reflect the main theme more helping the instrumental move along at a cracking pace.

Of course age eventually took its toll when Pete tried to do a slide at the end of the break in Wont Get Fooled Again. But this was a man of 71 trying to do something he did in the 1970’s, for an audience as he kept on telling us who werent even born then.

The Who may have been touring the same setlist round for the last umpteen years, but nights like the one at the Milan Forum prove that when they are 'on it' there really is no other band in the world that can come anywhere near them. These are the nights that Who fans should remember. Count yourself lucky if you were there.


Review by Cristina Martini and Caviglia Stefano

Just a few minutes at the entrance of the band on stage, the arena is packed and inside there is a joyful atmosphere, a large inscription: stay calm arrive WHO ... makes it even more adrenaline the wait. We are all aware that they are in good shape because in Bologna they had a great show. There are fans of all ages and it is not uncommon to see families with the father's mother, son or daughter wearing t-shirt with the band name. We're all hungry, you hungry! There are fans who came from middle Italy, from Switzerland and an attentive ear can perhaps grasp a few words in French. It 'a long time that fans of The Who expected to see them, hear them and admire them on stage. The show arena of Verona, was not kissed by luck, Roger had a sharp decline of the voice due to bad weather.

There are all the ingredients for a great evening. Promptly at 9:00 P.M. or perhaps even before, there's them, welcomes them a thunderous roar, strong, intense, full of love for these two men who have written memorable pages in the history of rock music. It begins: I can not explain, with that simple but incisive opening riff, you can already hear the first chords that Pete and Roger are in great shape. The other members of the band are not far behind, everything is close to perfection, how perfect it was and perhaps still is that note that P.T. He has pursued for years and that has been the source of inspiration of many of his songs.

Roger's voice is always powerful and hot, and also manages to offer still treble unexpected. The songs fly away fast Pete and Roger do not give up some small gag, just to laugh and to entertain the audience .... and perhaps for breath. You hear a lot of harmony, really want to have fun, laugh a lot Pete and Roger appears very focused as well as a rock star seems an athlete in competition, encourages us to sing, moving from one side of the stage, crosses our eyes ... and at that time you would tell him how you feel close, because that music was important to you and how even you have changed your life.

It’s time for "My Generation", are enough the first two agreements and the arena is shaking with excitement. Of course there are other songs of the 60's: "I can see for miles", "The kids are the right", "The seeker". The sound is powerful, the mechanism of this engine is very nice oiled thanks to the skill and the class of all, they deserve much more than a simple quote: Simon Townshend expressive voice and great guitar player; Pino Palladino, probably one of the best bass players in the world, drummer Zak Starkey, for many reasons that we all know, can not be that he is the drummer of The Who. Completing the team three more very thick musicians like John Corey on keyboards and piano (wonderful intro of Love reign o'er me), Loren Gold and Frank Simes that besides being an absolute value of the multi-instrumentalist is responsible, not easy, of musical direction.

In addition to the hits of the 60's and 70's and a song of "Faces Dances" "You better you bet" could not miss excerpts from their most important works: in order of time "Tommy", "Who's next" and "Quadrophenia" . Particularly intense was the interpretation of "Love Reign o'er Me" (as often happens) during which Roger from an "emotional impact" class wise and pure energy, as well as Pete in "Amazing journey". The band has played more than two hours always growing with a rousing finale: Baba and "Will not get fooled again !!! And on a flight with fall not too soft Pete, who still laughs, the concert ends, leaving us all charmed and happy, you would want to pursue them, make them still remain, but you know the Who does not love an encore. BE LUCKY! Roger wishes to all of us, and we as fans and maybe even something more, reciprocate the good wishes… we love you guys !!! Goodbye !!