The Who at Nottingham - Capital FM Arena

The Who Setlist Capital FM Arena Nottingham, Nottingham, England 2014, The Who Hits 50!



Soundcheck review by Horace Austin

50 minutes.

Around 35 fans.

Pete was a no-show. Rog said he was stuck in traffic. Frank Simes stood in for him.

"Picture of Lily"
"I Can't Explain"
"Squeeze Box" - Soundchecked at Frank's suggestion, although Rog said they were dropping it tonight.
"Who Are You"
"Magic Bus"

Eddie and I shook hands with Curbishley before soundcheck started.


Review by Juan Strisino

Now that I've managed to get a little sleep after last night's Nottingham FM Arena show, I thought I'd write a few things about it. ASTONISHING PERFORMANCE and those words don't do it justice! From the off until the end I was literally gobsmacked. I'm lost for words, really: how can I describe this show? The musicians were superb, but Rog, Pete and Zak were breathtaking....and I don't know if anyone else agrees, but from where I was sitting the sound quality was TOP NOTCH and very, very powerful (almost reminiscent to 70s Who)...I believe I actually had ringing in my ears! Pete last night was a monster on his guitar and Rog sounded unbelievable! Like Peter Roberts commented about an earlier show from this tour, he felt did I through some parts (John & Keith sections, even Rog appeared so). But my word, if they continue like this for the rest of the tour...all those going will be in for a show of their life time. Can't really pick a stand out tune as they were all magnificent...and they all rocked! Amazing Jouney/Sparks was thunderous (managed to get most of it on my mobile)! I would have to say it's the by far the best show I've seen with this line up. I hope that when/if they look through the film footage of this tour, they release this show on DVD/Blu Ray because for me, it was OUTSTANDING!!!! ! In the end I didn't want them to stop!