The Who at San Diego - Valley View Casino Center


The Who Setlist Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, CA, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




Who Are You
The Seeker
The Kids Are Alright
I Can See For Miles
My Generation
Pictures of Lily
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
I'm One
The Rock
Love Reign O'er Me
Eminence Front
Pinball Wizard / See Me, Feel Me
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again



San Diego Union-Tribune


Review by Pat Stanton

The concert last night in San Diego was my favorite on this leg of the 2016 tour and probably the best so far in 2016 in my opinion. Roger has not sounded better in years and Pete was in an incredible mood and on fire all night.

Pete started off thanking everyone for coming and holding on to their tickets as he normally does. He elaborated last night, saying how much he loves San Diego and especially the sailing. At one point during the show he proclaimed "I'm bored" and added "Let's go sailing".

The intro to Lily was funny with Roger saying he was surprised when he first saw the song about masturbation but because Pete writes so masterfully it was fine. He then explained it was about young men when they first start to experience things that go up in the night that need to be dealt with in the morning. Pete again added that it really a social statement about sons and their fathers.

The intro for Kids Are Alright included a long van story, with Roger saying marriage was good - for about 2 months - and laughed, noting that he is not sorry it happened as he has a wonderful son as a result of it. He added that he lived in the Detours van for about a year. Pete then said that he did write the song for Roger and others in his situation, adding that he was almost in the same predicament but his sperm was not working properly at that point, not that it stopped him from lots of sexual activity at that time (his words were much more colorful). He then told the audience after his colorful tirade that that will teach them for bringing children to the concert and laughed.

Before My Generation, Pete reminded us that they played that at the Monterey Festival and at the end of it "there was nothing left".

Roger's microphone seemed possessed at times as it keep twirling when he missed catching it several times, although he always eventually reins it in, laughing harder when he finally catches the more challenging it is. The poor thing even took a couple of bounces on the stage floor. That of course did not stop Roger from continuing his acrobatic twirling.

A more sober bit was when Pete thanked everyone from joining them during their graving years, asking if that was also an American phrase. He mentioned Chris Stamp has told him when he was dying that he was in his graving time. Certainly hope their graving time is very long. [Editors note: we think Pete was referring to what Chris Stamp called "The Gravy", meaning the easy years of retirement. Pete wrote about this in his book. ]

Roger sounded spectacular all night, as he did not need to cope with much only pot smoke in the front. When Pete smelled some early in the show he barked that whomever was smoking should stop and stick it up their ass.
Love Reign was perfect. I have never heard him sing it better. The audience cheered wildly when he finished his rendition.

Pete was laughing and playing with the audience all night. He joked that at one time he could extend his leg over his microphone. Last night he banged into the stand, knocking it over more than once (not kicking it but just landing into it when he returned from his wandering on stage) but his assistants were quick to put it back together.

The band intros were typical with lots of thanks to Pino and glowing comments for John and his Love Reign intro. Zak is always introduced last and last night Pete told us they tried to get Zak to dress up in the Lily corset but he is particular what he wears. Maybe if they found one with Mickey Mouse on it he would wear it!

After the band introductions, Roger always introduces Pete as the reason we are all there and Pete returns the intro of Roger. Last night Pete added that Roger "had come back from the dead" and that his voice sounds wonderful. Roger agreed with the death proclamation saying his 3 1/2 weeks in the hospital was an experience he never wants to go through again and that it was worse than being locked up in jail.

The set list was the same as Staples minus Squeeze Box. In sound check Frank asked if they wanted to practice Relay and Pete said no, that it could wait for another tour.

The last show on this leg of the tour is in Vegas on Sunday with the TCA benefit in LA on Tuesday. Eddie Vedder and Joan Jett are also scheduled to appear at the TCA benefit.

Lots of Pete pictures as I was in front of him although I still managed to get some good ones of Roger.


Review by Alan McKendree

Roger’s voice problems of Los Angeles had completely disappeared, he was in excellent form. Pete hit his mike with a flailing (not windmilling) hand and very calmly readjusted it during the song. He threw in some unexpected and very welcome extras, including some details about himself nearly getting a girl pregnant and on the musical side, a notably extended and vicious ending to Eminence Front. No one has yet mentioned the terrifying new video for Acid Queen, which is stunning. Great work, whoever did that.

Glad to hear 5:15, (now without the JAE solo) and The Rock was especially moving. Pete did at least one mike kick, and gave a ferocious ending to Won’t Get Fooled Again.