The Who at Hollywood Bowl 11-1-22


The Who Setlist Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2022, The Who Hits Back!




Amazing Journey
Pinball Wizard
Pinball Wizard
We're Not Gonna Take It
Who Are You
Eminence Front
Eminence Front
Ball and Chain
You Better You Bet
The Seeker
Behind Blue Eyes
The Real Me
The Rock
Love Reign O'er Me
Love Reign O'er Me
Love Reign O'er Me
Baba O'Riley
Whole show (screen shot)


Review by Chris Elkins

Pete, Roger, and team conquered the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night. The band backed by an orchestra sounds so good in concert it makes me wonder what kind of performance they put on back in their heyday. I noticed Pete smiling a few times and looking over at music director Keith Levenson. I believe he was soaking in how good and tight the sounds from the orchestra were.

Pete did his fair share of windmills and guitar shredding, perhaps not as much as 15 to 20 years ago, but always a thrill to see live. Roger vocals have been very strong on this tour and Pete has remarked at numerous shows how great Roger is singing.

The setlist is the same as many of the previous shows. Towards the end they had to rush through band intro’s and get Baba started as they were running up against the curfew. If given the choice, I believe most of the crowd would have stayed all night. Pete has remarked at several Hollywood Bowl shows how much he likes So Cal. Let’s hope they come back soon.


Review by Nacho Errázuriz

The Who played an amazing concert at the Hollywood Bowl on Tuesday night after 3 years since their last show there. The people were excited to see their favorite band again and there was a lot of good feeling in the air.

Mike Campbell and the Dirty Knobs opened the show and they warmed the crowd with new songs and some classics from his old partner in the Heartbreakers, Tom Petty. The best part of their show was when they played Refugee, a classic from their period with the Heartbreakers, making the crowds singalong to the song.

Now came the time for what we came from. In this special case I flew from Chile to see the Anaheim and the Hollywood Bowl. It was a joy to see and share with great Who friends as Bob Lee, Horace and Eddie. I also met Cherry, a great Who dancer and Terry with his enormous talent of taking photos of The Who just for fun and for himself.

Pete, Roger and Zak appears at the stage almost at the same time. They looked happy and ready to go. The Tommy section starts, and this piece of music is fantastic with the Orchestra. Everything’s well balanced, Pete’s guitar is loud and clear, Zak Drums are commanding the whole situation, being the perfect mix point between the band and the orchestra. When the Overture is finishing, Simon played the iconic acoustic guitar solo and Pete made a birdman position as if saying that he didn’t have to do anything on his guitar as Simon nailed the part, but then he join with his electric guitar and made a great duo.

Finishing the Tommy section, one thing that becomes clear is that Roger Daltrey’s voice is absolutely overwhelming. He’s singing is better than ever in the last 20 years. We’re Not Gonna Take It with See Me Feel Me and Listening to you proved this and is thanks to this that The Who can continue making these concerts. His voice carried the whole show, and they are demanding songs from the vocal points of view.

Then the band continued with great renditions of Who Are You and Eminence Front. Pete vocals are loud and clear, and he is in great voice. Pete announced Ball and Chain as part of the new Who album and he shares with us that he loved that record and asked the people to go out and listen to it as there were many great songs in there. He also said that the album was number 1 for a couple of hours. Ball and Chain was great, but i would replace the song from another number of the new album with more energy, as All These Music Must Fade.

The Orchestra is gone and You Better You Bet continues as a great singalong song, showing the power of Rogers voice. Pete dedicates The Seeker to the homeless people situation, a problem that is in evidence in L.A. He said that all together we can give our money to fix the situation, something that he does a lot, but that was not a solution, they need more from the Government to help those people.

Naked Eye was really fantastic as a deep moment of the concert. Roger and Pete were in great communication during this amazing gem. A solid Another Tricky Day continues the band part of the show and they finished with Won’t Get Fooled Again. Pete seems disinterested with this song, doesn’t seem engaged, but is was ok, not great but good. Behind Blue Eyes followed and it was a beautiful moment with Pete’s great acoustic guitar and Roger’s voice with a lot of emotion. The Cello and string section added a great sound to the song.

Now they carried on with the Quadrophenia set and the orchestra is back. As with Tommy, the Quadrophenia section really took off with the Orchestra. It was amazing, from The Real Me, with great bass from Jon Button and incredible vocals by Daltrey, then the powerful 5:15 and the tender I’m One. The Rock was a highlight for me, where you can feel Pete Townshend’s genius as a composer with the Orchestra adding great layers to the music. Simon was really great on those guitar melodies and Pete joining him with a lot of passion. Now’s the turn of the piano solo by Loren Gold to start Love Reign O’er Me, which for me was a little long, not bad but I prefer the original introduction. Then Roger, as usual, nailed with his trademark vocals. Hands down to Roger Daltrey, what an amazing singer and it is incredible how his voice is preserved.

Baba O’Riley was a perfect closer with Katie Jacoby violin solo which was a pleasure to listen to. The band looks happy and the crowd was on fire. The show was really good, incredibly good. I loved those bits where Zak and Pete looked each other taking the music to an incredible climax. Roger is a Master and Pete was in great mood and playing excellent thoughout the whole show. Nowadays he relies more on Simon but that gives him more freedom to play over that. A fantastic Who show. I hope there be more in the future. A South American proper tour would be fantastic. I hope so!