The Who in Austin, TX 05-03-22


The Who Setlist Moody Center, Austin, TX, USA 2022, The Who Hits Back!



Pinball Wizard
Who Are You
Eminence Front
The Seeker
You Better You Bet
Won't Get Fooled Again
Behind Blue Eyes
Love Reign O'er Me
Baba O'Riley



Review by Chris Elkins

This was my 3rd show on The Who hits back tour. As at the previous shows on this tour, Pete & Roger seem to be in good spirits and somewhat nostalgic. The Hollywood, FL show was a middle of the road Who show while at Jacksonville two nights later the confidence, energy and concert were at a much higher level.

The Austin show started at a very similar level as the Tampa show - that is until Pete took it to another level as they kicked off Won’t Get Fooled Again. While at most previous stops on this tour, Pete & Roger did this song acoustic. In Austin, they performed this as a fully electric rock band. This song alone was worth the price of admission.

Roger sounded great all night and at the end of the show, Pete even commented, “That’s one of the most heroic vocal nights I’ve ever heard from Roger, fantastic Roger”.

With as many great songs as they have, the setlist is an endless debate. But, it does seem that I’m missing My Generation more than any other songs they haven’t played so far this tour.

I’m not sure how ticket sales are for all the dates on this tour, but I’m guessing that Austin was maybe 65% to 70% of capacity. For me, I’m just thankful to be seeing them again after 2+ years in purgatory.

Review by Alan McKendree

The Moody Center had been open for only a couple of weeks when The Who played this show. It's beautiful, clean and designed for good acoustics. But as Pete said, "when these halls are built and they're first used for music something needs to sift down into the soil to make them work as music venues. They're good for sport, [but] for the music you need some blood, some guts, some sex, some spit some booze, some grass, some coke all that stuff is what makes these places throb."

Pete and Roger seemed in good spirits.

Before WGFA, Pete very specifically put on shades, indicating (as I took it) that the gloves were off, and he and the band turned in a stellar electric performance.

A chair was brought out for Pete to sit in for Behind Blue Eyes, which seems to be a set part of the show now.

Big cheers when Pete said that one of the things he loved to play with the orchestra was the music from Quad.

Toward the end of 5:15 Pete was jamming and missed the return, and he said (without stopping the song), "We're going to have to do a completely different ending" which instantly kicked things up to a higher level of excitement as everyone, conductor and orchestra included, was suddenly riveted on Pete to see where he'd go and to follow him. Pete brought it all to a successful improvised conclusion.

At the end of the show, Pete said it was one of the most "heroic" performances he'd ever seen Roger do, but I don't know why. I don't know if Roger was fighting some kind of injury or illness, but he did his normal stellar job as far as I could tell.

Review by Kevin Kennedy

My Wife and I originally had tickets for the Dallas show in 2019 that was canceled, so this Who show in Austin was a long time coming. As we arrived at the Beautiful new Moody Center, there was a sense in the air, it was wonderful to be out again in the real world enjoying live entertainment again, after all we had been through in the past couple of years.

As the show kicked off, I was amazed at how clean and perfect the Orchestras sound was. As Roger Daltrey started to sing 1921, I knew right then Roger’s vocals were right on par for a Great show. Amazing Journey-Sparks Pinball Wizard, Were Not Gonna Take it, confirmed it. As Roger Daltrey’s unbelievably powerful vocals reverberated and echoed throughout the new venue as he sung See Me Feel me, my wife and I looked at each other in awe as he nailed it. Better than I can ever remember, and I have attended a lot of Who Concerts, in my home state of Illinois, and surrounding areas.

Who Are You, Eminence Front and Ball and Chain were all fantastic. Pete Townshend’s vocals were powerful and strong, all night. Pete sang Eminence front with a lot of Passion. I would have liked to have heard Beads On One String. I’m sure they will give it a go before the tour is over. Join Together was great. Loren Gold played the Jews Harp perfectly in the opening.

The band set started off with The Seeker, then You Better You Bet, and Won’t Get Fooled Again. Rogers scream on Won’t Get Fooled Again almost knocked the new acoustic paneling off the Ceiling, Lol.

Pete Townshend sang I’m One perfectly. Roger Daltrey knocked Love Reign O’er Me out of the Moody Center, his vocal acrobatics were amazing.

The last song of the evening, Baba O’Riley, was perfect. Katie Jacoby the violinist played a flawless violin to close the show.Thanks to Ken Levison, the great conductor,for joining the band together. WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE!