The Who in Brighton 23 July 2023


The Who Setlist The 1st Central County Cricket Ground, Hove, England 2023, The Who Hits Back!




Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Who Are You
Eminence Front
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
I Can't Explain
I Can't Explain
My Generation
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Won't Get Fooled Again
Love Reign O’er Me
Band Intros
Band intros
Baba O’Riley



Brighton and Hove News


Review by Melissa and Gary Hurley

The 13th gig on this leg of the tour. Thirteen is unlucky for some, but very lucky for The Who and us fans with sunshine from above. It has been very wet and cooler for the last few weeks in the U.K.

The venue was a cricket ground and about 10,000 punters in attendance. Some of the side sections where closed and people with category two tickets had been upgraded to category one seats. The venue was surrounded with loads of homes and apartment buildings with balconies overlooking the venue. Pete even mentioned that the people who own the balconies charge people to watch this gig from their place!

The Who with orchestra started with Tommy excerpts. Pete is just brilliant and really is enjoying himself and it looks like he is losing himself within the music. He is putting extra chords and notes to all the songs. The orchestra is getting stronger and more confident as they have been travelling with The Who.

We had issues with the security as they wanted everyone to sit down and became a bit heavy handed. We called out to Roger for help. He then told the security jobs-worth to fu*k off!

All was well and Roger then got into his Tommy persona. His voice is amazing and hasn’t change and he is hitting all the notes.

There was a major technical issue on stage with a very low db hum. It seemed to happen when the white lights went on and it sounded if the bulbs were going to blow.

Who are you, Roger had issues with his cauliflowers (ear pieces) and was getting pretty upset that he couldn’t hear the monitor. He carried on and by the end of the song it all seemed it was resolved.

Pete sang Eminence Front next. He ad-libbed within his singing to tell the yellow vested security twats to fuck off and stop annoying the audience by marching backwards and forwards as they are disturbing the fans that paid good money to be there.

After the orchestra left the stage it was time for The WHO. Pete brought out that gorgeous sounding blush Rickenbacker guitar on Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere and the feedback switch was used well. This guitar was only the second time it appeared on stage. Pete mentioned AAA was their second single, ICE was their first. No introduction to My Gen or WGFA.

The Orchestra returns to stage for excerpts of Quadrophenia. The crowd began chanting ‘We are the Mods’ and Pete said that the original Mods were too cool to say things like that. We made that chant for that horrible movie Quadrophenia. The piano solo from Loren Gold was hair raising and soothing at the same time. The crowd was consumed with his piano solo.

After the band introduction a jaw dropping extended version of Baba was played. The band did their curtain call and Roger took Zak’s drum sticks and tossed them into the audience.


Review by Ian Mclean

Well this was my last of 6 Who shows on their 2023 tour, and thankfully it was the warmest one of them all. UB40, who are also managed by The Who's Bill Curbishley, played a crowd pleasing set, but Daltrey had sound problems for the first hour that only seemed to affect him as the sound we the audience heard was loud and clear apart from a few dull thuds which I thought were drum problems. I managed to find an empty front row seat which was better than my ticketed seat in the 15th row. The security like every other date on this tour constantly tried in vain to get fans to sit down but nobody took a blind bit of notice of their attempts. Their actions were spotted by both Daltrey and Townshend who told them all to fuck off and thankfully most of them did. It was a thrill for me to watch Townshend plug in and play his Rickenbacker guitar sadly for just one song "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere"  but it sounded really good.