The Who in Elmont, NY 10-07-22


The Who Setlist UBS Arena, Elmont, NY, USA 2022, The Who Hits Back!




Who Are You
Naked Eye
Won't Get Fooled Again
The Real Me
The Real Me
Young Man Blues
Young Man Blues



Rolling Stone


Review by Mark Fintz

Great teams have bad games. They usually bounce back the next game. In this “Tale of Two Who Cities”, the heroes returned with one thing on their mind. Redemption. What happened in the motor city wasn’t going to become a rotten big Apple. From the start of overture the band was sharp, looked focused and into it. Pete was playful, wiggling his butt a few times early in the show. Roger’s voice was strong, he was smiling. Pete said Queens! I yelled out New York, a sarcastic I know it’s New York followed and off we go.

A strong Tommy set, brought us to the band only set and the first surprise of the evening. After Join Together where Roger pretended to play the mouth harp with Pete calling him out for faking it, Pete started talking about a song that they had tried varying versions of over the years. Referenced that the fans who go to more shows than the band had performed always requested. Pete then pointed to the front row crowd and said these folks in the front here. He announced Naked Eye prompting a rousing reception from the crowd. Roger warned us that we may regret this, and we all said no. You can see it on YouTube. After Naked Eye, we went wild yelling. George L yelled “Thank You Pete!” to which Pete did a mocking “thank you Pete”.

The Band set included a great version of Relay with an extended jam and Another Tricky Day, WGFA and Behind Blue Eyes. The Quadrophenia set followed and Rogers’ voice continued to be a force. Closed out with a fantastic Love Reign O’er Me and Baba. The orchestra left and Pete started talking about how great Roger sounds since his throat surgery and how he sounds like a young man again. Pete had picked up his guitar at this point and said let see what a young man can do. They belted out Young Man’s Blues, an unexpected encore, band only. It was symbolic in the way it proved they can blow the roof of at any moment. I hope to see them again, but if this was the last one, it was the cherry on the ice cream sundae. Thank WHO!


Review by Gigi Barlowe

What a beautiful evening of “The Who”. Didn’t know exactly what to expect after hearing about the Detroit show…. but I figured it would be a better show. What it was … was a spectacular Who show.

They began with Tommy, the sound was perfection, UBS has great acoustics. Roger was in great voice, if you closed your eyes it was easily 30 years ago. That’s how rich and strong he sounds. See Me, Feel Me gave me goosebumps. We all know what the boys have been playing so I won’t bore you with the exact set list. The highlights…. are you ready? Naked Eye, Relay, Another Tricky Day and an encore with Young Man Blues! The Quad section was what they have been doing, and was well done. Pete soloed on “I’m One.” He also sounded great, lots of emotion. Love his all black clothing choice and purple sunglasses, but I do like to see his eyes for at least one song which he did not give us the pleasure of.

Pete and Roger bantered back and forth, making jokes about their ages, etc. And of course they spoke of the NY fan base and how great is always is to be back in NY. I was with my core group of friends and my husband and daughter, our seats were stellar and we loved being together for what was probably our last Who show, if I can call it a Who show without John Entwistle.

I also need to mention how incredible Simon is and how much he is the glue that hold it together. Zak was his usual spectacular self and so was Loren. The orchestra is a lovely addition for some of the songs, but I personally prefer the band with out them. Pete did let loose a few times and began to jam… but the orchestra keeps the show a bit more formulaic and does not allow for the jams that used to happen. All in all though, it was truly a spectacular evening of Who, musically and vocally just insanely good. And, they still look great!!!