The Who in Jacksonville, FL 04-24-22


The Who Setlist Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, FL, USA 2022, The Who Hits Back!




Amazing Journey/Sparks
Pinball Wizard
Who Are You (false start)
Who Are You
Eminence Front
Imagine a Man
Join Together
You Better You Bet
I Can See for Miles
Won't Get Fooled Again
Behind Blue Eyes
Ball and Chain
The Real Me
I'm One
The Rock
Love Reign O'er Me
Baba O'Riley


Review by Lauren Eastman

My last Who concert was Sept. 2019 in Tampa. I had grown accustomed since the 2012 Quad Tour to seeing them several times a year as tours became regular. I was anxious and apprehensive on the Sunday of the show. I wondered if the "Covid Gap" had affected their performance. We all aged 2.5 years and the lads had not traveled to the US in that time frame.

I had watched a few videos from the 1st performance in Hollywood, FL from 2 nights before. Some songs sounded great and others a bit off. My apprehension was unfounded once I was front and center and they came on. That same magic happened and reminded me why they are my favorite R&R band.

Roger treats his voice a bit more gingerly at the age of 78, but still hits all the notes and has not lost that signature smile. He can still swing the mic too - all that's missing for me is a fringe suede vest! He will always be my Rock God! The Maestro was on fire and played with a vengeance.

There were a few flubs but I think we Who fans love that. It's real, it's raw, and it's them in their late 70's. I feel so fortunate to have them healthy and still touring - with an amazing band who loves them and supports them as much as I do.

The orchestra sounded fabulous and did not overwhelm the music, they truly enhanced the who so that was a great call. Katie Jacoby put on the best Baba performance I have seen to date, interacting with Pete.

Long live Rock, Long live The Who. I will be seeing them in Vegas as the tour winds down! I hope anyone who has not gotten tickets to see a show yet, does not miss this opportunity.


Review by Rick Freeman

They were amazing for it to be the 2nd show of this postponed leg of the tour starting in 2019 and delayed for 2 years. They played the Teenage Cancer Benefit show too.

Last night was a first seeing Roger have not one but two miscues, stopping one song because when he started to sing he paused. I was thinking Tampa 2007 again. He could not remember what song nor where to start. They simply started over. Later during "Substitute" after Pete's solo, Roger kept moving around when he realized he was to be singing. Pete was staring at him as if to say WTF? Roger went over to Simon Townshend and asked him something that left them in stitches. Roger could not stop laughing as he tried to sing. He finally got it together and the song ended without any other problems. Pete looked at Roger and commented "You know you are to sing after my solo." Roger laughingly said he made a mistake. This is rare for them. Age?

Back during the Who Hit 50 tour, Pete had his senior moment. Telling his late friend and guitar tech that he had been given the wrong guitar. Alan went for another which was not the one. Pete asked Roger something off mic and Roger told him they were not doing that song tonight. Well, Pete was adamant they were and stood for a few moments staring at the set list. He then gave the guitar back and took the original one and started playing. That is why I love the Who. They are not only Rock stars but as human as any of us.


Review by Lauren J. Hammer

Show #2 was as expected. On the plus side, it was a much tighter and more confident show, overall.

On the down side, they cut several songs, and it was shorter (never a good thing, in my world). Pete was way less chatty. But everyone seemed in generally good spirits.

The happiest part of the show is that quite unlike the fucking casino, the greater “we” had the ENTIRE FRONT ROW CENTER. All of it. And, security just left us the hell alone to self-manage, which is a-ok with me. I’m happy for them to leave us alone, as long as they are responsive if someone needs their help. And, there were no aisle fill seats between sections, which provides a little bit of breathing room for everyone. As far as arena shows go, it really doesn’t get more perfect than that.

I had been so pleasantly surprised by the length of the show opening night. It’s a far cry from the 3-3.5 hour shows of my first tour, but at 2:20, it was a length I was genuinely satisfied with at this stage of the game. Night #2 was more like 2 hours flat. No complaints about that, really, at this late season, but I can’t help but feel disappointed about less Who.

The Opening Orchestra Set was the same, with the exception of dropping Hero Ground Zero. Not a great loss, IMO, but I do so wish they had replaced it with a different one of the new songs. So many great songs on that album (WHO), IMO.

During the Band Set, there was also a net loss of one song. They dropped both The Seeker and Kids, and added in You Better You Bet, which many of us had previously remarked upon not missing in the slightest.

Substitute was a bit of a mess. Before it started, Pete talked about how Simon had had to take him aside at one point, and tip him off that he was playing the wrong chords. Then tonight, it sounded to my ears, like he was playing it wrong, almost as if on cue. Then on top of that, Roger got a bit lost on this one, not coming in where he should, after Pete’s guitar break. Struggling to get back in the groove, he was ready to pull the plug, but Zak and Jon stayed at it until he eventually locked back in and resumed. Not sure what would have happened had an orchestra been in the mix.

The Closing Orchestra Set was the same. Still no Punk. Still no Tea and Theatre. Sad for me.

Overall, a solid good show. I expect they will continue to get better over each of the coming nights.

I wish I could swing the time and $ to go every night.