The Who in San Jose 10-24-22


The Who Setlist SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose, CA, USA 2022, The Who Hits Back!




Pinball Wizard
We're Not Gonna Take It
Who Are You
Eminence Front
Ball and Chain
The Seeker
Won't Get Fooled Again
Won't Get Fooled Again
I'm One
I'm One
Baba O'Riley


Review by KC Loewen

So great to see the boys come to San Jose! Probably all of you know the set list by now so nothing changed from the last few shows.

Pete was in fine form, laughing and joking with the audience. He joked about a show they did in England in the 70s in Hull where they realized that the people in the area were so poor that Roger came up to him and said we can't take any money from this show. We have to give it back. He basically joked that since now he's in silicon valley they can keep all the money.

They kicked it off with the Tommy set which sounded great, and the orchestra was very good. Pete absolutely shredded on guitar. They played the two songs I wish they would switch out of the set for something else, Eminence Front and Ball and Chain, which were enjoyable, but I would love to hear anything else but those two. I especially would love to hear something else off of WHO. That is such a great album. I sometimes think that you're afraid to play new things because the audience won't know it, but how many know Ball and Chain?

After the first orchestra set, a switch to just the band and they played a very lively set of You Better You Bet, Seeker, Naked Eye, an absolutely outstanding Tricky Day, a very solid WFGA and then a somewhat lack luster Behind Blue Eyes. Roger's voice was strong for most of the show with the occasional falter but then would be followed up by an especially good vocal. He did mention that he had a lot of trouble with the smoke from Portland and some in Seattle that affected his voice.

Orchestra came back for the always outstanding Quadrophenia set. Was disappointed to see some of the audience start to sit down during The Real Me. The Rock remains perhaps my favorite portion of the show, it just blows the roof off the place and Pete and Simon are really having fun. Loren did a very moving intro to LROM that he seemed to pour his soul into. The whole performance of that song was fantastic. They closed with Baba. Strangely, it started off a little bit underwhelming but then rapidly picked up. And of course Katie Jacoby came out and just tore it up on violin. The band lined up to take a bow and then Pete ushered them off like in a scene from the kids are all right. All in all a great night.