The Who at Kingston Feb 12, 2020


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Video credit: George Ligouri


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Video credit: Melissa & Gary Hurley

Late show Part 2, Part 3


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Band lineup

Pete Townshend (vocals and acoustic guitar)
Roger Daltrey (vocals and acoustic guitar)
Simon Townshend (backing vocals and acoustic guitar)
Jody Linscott (percussion)
Phil Spalding (bass)
Billy Nicholls (backing vocals)

Review by Lauren J. Hammer

Set list was mostly predictable, but we got two new songs, so I’m certainly not complaining! Eight songs, approx 45 minute sets. Two separate shows. Same setlist.

Roger and Pete were both in great spirits. Both were chatty. Both were funny. Both were raunchy.

Roger told me a couple of times, early on, that I was mad for coming. Maybe so, but it was worth it. We got some big love from both Roger and Pete.

The lineup was Roger and Pete, of course. Simon on guitars and vocals. Plus Phil Spalding (DST and STB) on bass & backing vocals. Jody Linscott on percussion. And Billy Nicholls on backing vocals.

In the first show, Substitute had a great audience singalong (or, perhaps I should say singsong, as I AM in the UK).

There was one place where Simon played the first half of the acoustic rhythm guitar break and then Pete played the second half. That was cool.

While I’ll always think it’s a waste of setlist spot, Squeeze Box worked really well with the modified band format.

In the second show intro to Behind Blue Eyes, Roger talked about how sad he was the day they recorded it, as his dog had just been run over. Pete asked if he currently has a dog. Roger responded that Heather won’t allow it, until he’s off the road - she’s not taking care of the dog by herself. Pete explained that he was asking because he was thinking he’d kidnap the dog, in an effort to extract an equally brilliant/poignant vocal performance out of Roger, again. (All my paraphrasing, but essentially accurate.) Great exchange.

I love that Pete finally gave in on the BBE acapella interlude. I love it every night, and tonight was no exception.

During the first show, Roger teased us, making it seem like we might get to choose between Tattoo and Kids. (Kids was on the setlist.) He put it up to an audience vote. EVERYONE up front was for Tattoo. But more people in the back, for Kids.

Break the News was a bit of a cock-up, on the first try. Roger was holding printed lyric pages in hand. He got lost. They stopped the song. Turns out one of the pages was a printed menu. Seriously. He showed us, and I was right in front of him (well, maybe two people Simon side of him). It really was a random menu page! They did it again, and it all went off ok. Happy for Simon for him to be showcased. Happy to see a new song.

Oh, I’m not sure why, but for both new songs, Simon had an acoustic guitar, with nylon strings, mounted to some sort of a stand.

Next up, they did She Rocks My World. Neither of the two tracks are in my upper echelon of songs on the new album, but I do like this one, a LOT, and it was just perfect for this band format. Hearing this one, twice (and hopefully, two more times, tomorrow!), made it worth traveling 1/2 way around the world.

Then they finished up with Pinball Wizard and WGFA (just R&P). No Roger crouch on Pinball. Otherwise, much as you might expect.

Oh, and at the first show, somehow Phil’s bass cord came unplugged before Pinball. He managed to get it plugged in before the guitar intro was done, and it was time for him to chime in.

Oh, yeah, and Pete and Simon played the guitar intro, together, the both of them. That was cool, too.

Other misc notes:
The original purpose of these shows was a scheme by Who management to try to sell enough albums (bundled) with each ticket, in an effort to push album sales that week to #1. Didn’t quite work, with them ending the week behind Rod Stewart, but we got these shows out of it.

Back in 1967, The Who played in this very room, when it was the Grenada Cinema. Pete made mention of this.

The entire front of the stage was the equivalent of front row center, in an arena. Only about eight people across the stage, between Simon and Pete. Maybe 14 or so, all the way across.

The first show, it was all hardcore fans, other than two women, claiming to be disabled (not believable), who staff allowed to cut in front of the people who queued up all day long.

Everyone who queued up all day, however, was screwed for the second show, as they cleared the house, and people who had barely been waiting, were in the front for the second show. It was rough.