The Who at Saint Paul Sept 6, 2019



The Who Setlist Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN, USA 2019, Moving On!



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Review by Pat Stanton

The St Paul concert was the best one in the fall tour, in my opinion. The orchestra complimented the band well, not overpowering it as at the Toronto concert.

Roger's voice was back to normal and strong all night. Pete also was in good voice and seemed to enjoy singing his 2 solo songs and his harmonies. In fact, Pete was in excellent spirits the entire show.

I was thrilled that Join Together was back on the set list, although 2 Quad songs were dropped - Drowned and Punk and the Godfather. Some variety in the band 5 song set would be nice - maybe swap out Substitute or the Seeker with something other than YBYB.

They continue to perform the 2 new songs, Hero Ground Zero and what is now called Ball and Chain, no longer Big Cigar or the original Guantanamo. The second one is growing on me. The audience seemed to enjoy both.

The audience was enthusiastic yet well behaved. I didn't smell any dope at this one, a welcome change.

The entire band seemed to enjoy themselves. Roger had his typical issues with his hearing but it did not affect the concert this time.