The Who at Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena


The Who Setlist Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT, USA, The Who Tour 2017



I Can't Explain
My Generation
My Generation
Join Together
The Rock
Love, Reign O'er Me
Eminence Front
Amazing Journey / Sparks
Pete stage banter
Band intros


Mass Live
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Review by Lisa Seckler-Roode

Me 'eads still spinning. Townsend looks FANTASTIC. The white shirt, skinny trousers and black boots were not only flattering, it allowed him to move like he hasn't in years. We had a wee bit of the iconic Towser hornpipe during Baba O'Riley, as well as what I call " the bullfighter" pose; windmill right arm overhead, on tiptoes, guitar-worn-gunslinger left hand holding the neck, AND we got a wee scissor kick n twist. There may be snow on the roof but there's FIRE in the moves.

ROGER DID NOT WARBLE the beginning of Baba O'Riley, nor screw around with Listening To You. It was straight forward, SOARING, and.... his voice was the BEST I've heard it since Toronto 1976, which was an iconic show.

Zak Starkey KILLED IT tonight. Every hit echoed like cannon fire. Sitting in Moon's hot seat might be some drummer's dream and other's nightmare. Zak was absolutely jaw dropping.

Mohegan Sun (until tonight) is notorious for SHIT sound. The sound was fantastic tonight. Might be a new system, even though there was no acoustic tile or that black goo they spray on the ceiling.

Tonight's set included Relay, Join Together, a really cool jam during My Generation.... Bargain was gorgeous....BUT..... Always eternally wrapped around my heart is Amazing Journey into Sparks. It was really powerful tonight. The Rock into Love Reign O'er Me had me tearing up. Zak' s drumming was like machine gun fire, there was not ONE BONER note hit, every rest, EVERY PART of the two songs, even the segue into John Corrie's solo intro to LROM was PERFECT.

I'm numb, spent, and not deaf. What a show.

I will NEVER get over the loss of The Ox. Never. Jon Button NAILED IT. Did it justice. TRUTH. I like Pino Palladino a lot. Steadfast solid player, and REALLY nice bloke. But... Button zipped it up.( groan). Fell instantly in love during the bass run in My Generation. Nailed the entire show. Simon Townsend was a great solid anchor; John Corrie and Lauren Gold great.... Frank Simes VERY low key this trip!

Review by Debbie Gosse

I've been going to many Who concerts since 1976 and have never been disappointed. Some predictable, some not. Thru Facebook, I've been happily overloaded on the happenings on all the shows.

First, I was expecting the opening act to be The London Souls.  When the lights went down, the screen lit up with, "Keep calm. Here comes The Who" as they walked on stage.  

They opened with "I Can't Explain" then on to favorite hits including "The Seeker", “Who Are You", and "My Generation" where Roger sang out the lyrics of "Cry if you want to". The surprises came when the songs, "The Relay" and "Drowned" substituted "5:15" and "I'm One".

Pete was talkative with jokes thrown in. Roger's voice sounded great as he belted out, "Love Reign O'er Me", "See Me"... and "Won't Get Fooled Again".

Yes, I miss John and Keith also but Simon Townshend, Jon Button, Frank Simes, Loren Gold, and John Corey "made the music move along" as they "joined together with the band". Liked seeing the photos of John, Keith, and past Who shots on the screen behind the stage.  

If I had to say anything disappointing, it would be the playing of "Won't Get Fooled Again" as it signals the ending of the concert. But what a bang to end on.  

No, we didn't sit front row.  Too expensive. We sat higher up on the side with an overview of the stage. Being my family comes with me (like I'm going to run off with the band) the $150.00 seats multiply.

The Who played for 2 hours straight with Roger resting his voice during Pete's solos. The energy of the band was amazing! To me, the band looked like they were really enjoying it as much as the about 10,000 fans were cheering.