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The Who Setlist TD Garden, Boston, MA, USA 2012, 2012 Quadrophenia and More Tour




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Review by Ray Horne

I like when The Who make mistakes.
It usually means it is going to be a great night!
It is real music, played by real musicians. Not the crap they call music today. I have always thought the best concerts were never perfect. I have seen some pretty good mistakes in concert by The made the shows better. (Mansfield MA 07/03/2001- rough version of See Me, Feel Me. A false start to Pinball, and Roger skipping the first chorus to 5:15 and jumping into the second verse!) (Pete's Psychoderelict problems and rant Mansfield MA Aug. 9 1993) (Pete's guitar snafu during WGFA w/2 false starts and amp problems during "Magic Bus" Harborlights Boston Aug 14, 1998)
Now, that being said, The Who in my opinion gave a kick-ass rendition of Quadrophenia mistakes and all on Friday November 16 2012 at the TD Garden in Boston MA. That was my sixth time seeing Quad live. (MSG NYC 7/16 & 7/17 1996, Worcester MA 11/12 & 11/14 1996, and 7/31/97 Mansfield MA) I really enjoyed those versions but I think this version blew those away.
I enjoyed not having the "guest" sing different parts of the songs, this version was much truer to the original. Pete and Roger trading vocals on "I've Had Enough" instead of sharing with Gary Glitter and Billy Idol. They dusted off the electric version of "Drowned", one of my highlights of the night. I love the acoustic version Pete sings and was at first disappointed it was going to be the full band version. Well, the disappointment went away real quick!!! I think after hearing other shows from this tour, that has been the best version so far.
The tributes to John and Keith on "5:15" and "Bell Boy" flowed seamlessly. I think it was well done and spot on. The interaction with Keith and the back and forth vocals gave it a very live feel. I was also impressed with Zak drumming along with John's bass solo.
Another small highlight for me was at the end of "Sea And Sand" when they sing the "I'm The Face" Pete really belted it out with passion and fury.
I think the band was hitting on all cylinders. Great versions of "Punk", "Dirty Jobs", "Helpless Dancer", "Is It In My Head" and "Doctor Jimmy". "Love, Reign O'er Me" was one of the best I have heard them do live! I have seen them almost 40 times and that was perfect.
I brought my younger son Aidan (13) to this show. we had the VIP package and was worth it! He loved it, and got up to the front of the stage for most of the night in front of Pete. My older son Justin (16), Aidan and myself are going to the Manchester NH show on February 24 2013. Justin and myself have the VIP package for the Providence RI show on February 26 2013. I saw the "Tommy" show at Radio City Music Hall in NYC on June 27 1989, and brought the boys to see Roger last year do "Tommy" in Boston at the Agganis Arena Boston Sept. 17 2011. A thirteen year old and a sixteen year old that have seen "Tommy" and "Quadrophenia" I think is pretty cool, they love this music and I am glad they get to experience it live.
All of the backing musicians were outstanding! The "core band" and the extra musicians really added to the quality of the performance. Simon is incredible on guitar during the show and vocals on "Dirty Jobs". Zak is a beast on drums and Pino does and outstanding job on bass.
The "and more" part of the show....
I really liked "Who Are You", it took off right where the "Quad" part ended.
I have heard better versions of "Behind Blue Eyes" and "Pinball Wizard". To me they sounded a little lack luster. To the first timers they probably sounded outstanding.
"Baba" soared as usual! Always gets the crowed more pumped. is the biggest gaff of the night....I personally think it added to the song, mistake and all.
I have done research, hard research, very extensive research into this matter! LOL. I listened to copies of Washington 11/13, Pittsburgh 11/11, and Greensboro 11/09. After the 4 count drum kick lead in I started to time it. It is 30 seconds from the first guitar chord to the end of the opening synth intro. Roger should come in at the fourth measure at 44 seconds. he came in at the end of the second measure at 37 seconds. Now, 7 seconds does not seem like a long time, but when playing to a backing synth tape........well.....let's just say it added to the fun. The first chorus was just Roger solo with Pete wondering what was going on. Pete and Zak finally got Roger back on track after the first line of the second verse, and then they kicked it up a notch for the rest of the song.

Great version of "Tea And Theater"....just sums it all up.........
Closing thoughts at random..... Great show! Quad was outstanding. GO SEE IT>>>GET TICKETS!!!
 I think the "and more" part could play a tribute to "Quad" by a quick 1,2,3 of "Can't Explain", "Substitute", and "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere". Switch out "BBE & PW" for maybe "Relay", "Naked Eye", "Tattoo", "Young Man Blues", or "My Generation"........ Just a thought. Maybe after 90 minutes of "Quad" some songs maybe harder to sing than others......I don't sing, so I don't know.
Keep "Baba & WGFA" back to back to close out that part of the show with a bang.
Personally I love "Tea And Theater" as the closer.
Thanks Pete, Roger, John and Keith! (and everyone that keeps The Who's music alive)
As Roger says "Be Lucky"
As Pete would probably say "Fuck Off!!!!!"