The Who at Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center


The Who Setlist Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA 2012, 2012 Quadrophenia and More Tour




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Review by Lisa Grand

Quadrophenia was magnificent from beginning to end. The keyboards sounded better tonight than I've ever heard them sound live. The horns were a great addition, too. Ever since the "Who on Ice" tour in 1989, I'm wary when they add band members to the core line-up of The Who, but I needn't have worried this time. The sound was full and hard-hitting. Nothing was superfluous.

Roger's voice was much stronger than it has been on recent tours. He was downright gleeful—as if there was no place in the world he would rather be. A few people remarked that Pino had been turned up in the mix since the last tour, but I could still barely hear him. The bass was most notably absent for me at the opening of Pinball Wizard. Zak was a powerhouse. Simon really shone during his various guitar solos and when he sang—especially when he took lead vocal duties during Dirty Jobs. The audience could not have been more engaged. As far as I could see in each direction, people were singing every word at the top of their lungs.

I was in the third row almost directly in front of Pete for the first three-quarters of the show, and when I couldn't take the exuberant dance moves of the guy in front of me for another moment (they were blocking my view), I bolted down to the stage. I was pretty damn happy when I realized that I was the closest person to Pete in the entire venue. I noticed from the third row, and even more so when I was down front, that Pete was in a peaceful mood. He opened the show with some fire and energy, but after that, he seemed to be going through the motions rather than losing himself in the music in the way that he used to.

Despite the lack of fury and unbridled energy, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I focused on the majesty of the music and on the happiness I felt over being able to see Pete at such close range. He’s such a joy to watch. The truth is that, at this stage of the game, I would rather see Pete at peace than wound up with anger—regardless of how exhilarating and cathartic it is to witness his rage. He deserves to be happy.


Review by Lauri Stolworthy

There is much love, respect and awkward adoration on stage. Three brothers. It is a Whonderful feeling to see, hear and feel the music with such whonderful people all around me.

Drowned was fantastic. John and Keith's appearances were sad and poignant for me but did complete the Quad of Quadrophenia. Three keyboards and horns didn’t make too much of an impression on me... I connected with Pino. I guess time has healed that pain enough to accept Pino... Simon is taking the reins nicely. I thought he should have jumped in at those times when Roger struggled and needed him. I missed that which I hated in the past of Simon singing under Roger. and I'd certainly rather have that than the guy singing next to me!

The fact is Roger and Pete are old guys and stuff happens, time changes things. I embrace our Boys for what they were AND what they are. To me it was Pete passing the torch to brother Simon during the Rock, it was very moving and dramatic. I believe this is the song where on the video is the biggest most dramatic news footage of our time. (I don’t want to say what it was because I wonder why no one else has said anything) I saw people crying and wonder if this is why Pete keeps saying he doesn’t know what's going on behind him and has not taken ownership of the production saying that Roger did it all. I don’t think it should be used in any form of entertainment. I haven’t liked that Pete kept saying that it's Roger's production and such because if he's going out as The Who he should take ownership of all of it.

Fashion Report: I didn’t like Roger's white shirt with the odd trim, tho I do like that I was close enough to see it!! Pete, Simon and Pino wore sunglasses for much if not most of the show, they looked soooo cool ;-) Pete took off his black button down to reveal a white Tshirt with a knot tied at the hip and hooked under his belt which was holding up his old-man pants (not my term) and a pocket watch chain. He looked fine but wtf? ha! Pino looked very cool. oh yeah and Zak was looking comfy in his red and green plaid pajama pants.

I had a Whonderful time seeing, hearing and feeling Quad 2012.