The Who at Cardiff - Motorpoint Arena


The Who Setlist Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, Wales 2013, Quadrophenia and More European Tour



Review by Andrew Rees

The most incredible part of the whole concert was the strength of Rogers voice, I have not seen the band live since the disappointing 2007 shows, and this show simply reaffirmed my faith in the band as a live act, the band and Roger in particular were superb. Rogers voice is solid and powerful once again, the presentation of the live work, immense, powerful and emotional. Quadrophenia to my ears was flawless, the volume cranked up a notch or two for the post Quad segment, and the entire vibe for the evening was one of a band enjoying the night as much as the audience. Roger returned the lucky Who sign back to me after Quads end which was a nice touch and my Sister got up front and personal with Roger during 5.15 which made her night ( She has always loved him since 1975).

Am I biased in my opinion of tonight’s performance? Does my Who love blind myself to what is truly happening on stage? Not at all, I have been a critic of the band over the years, and indeed after the disappointment of the 2007 shows I vowed never to see the band live again. But my faith has been truly restored, this show was everything it should not of been, that being an incredible success, a moving and inspiring piece of rock theatre, with a band that have the audacity at having its main protagonists nigh on 70 years old, performing like men half their age. It's been said before I know, but The Who continue to surprise and amaze, OK reinventing the wheel, but at the same time, making it something completely different and more importantly relevant to the mixed generations of concert goers that came tonight to witness what was simply rock music at its most beautiful. Thank you Roger and Pete.

Review by Gareth Hamilton

I am a shell of a man; bloody Wetherspoons selling Abbot Ale for £2 a pint right next door to the hotel and then a 3.5 hour train journey back and straight into work; but I love Cardiff!

Anyway, managed to sell my spare to a giddy tout and head to the pub for an hour before doors opened - lots of mods and like minded fans. Walked in the venue and WOW - the place is small! It holds 5000 souls and has a low roof, making for excellent acoustics. In fact The Who could only use 1 circular screen onstage last night such were the size limitations. Vintage Trouble were once again excellent and I managed to have a quick chat with them after then The Who came on bang on 8.30pm as usual.

Outstanding once again, Pete and Rog in good spirits playing and singing as though their lives depended on it. They were excellent and the crowd (who came from far and wide) lapped it all up - there were a few shouts for 'Substitute' and 'My Generation' but apart from that everyone seemed very satisfied - we got 'Behind Blue Eyes' last night with everything else as normal. The Welsh are very generous too, the guy behind me spotted me singing along to every song and rewarded me with a beer - cheers! They were so good last night I couldn't bear to nip to the loo... and I needed to go during 'Sea and Sand'! Those waves did not help.......

A funny moment when there was some bass feedback - everyone turned to look at Bob P but instead of dragging him over the board Pete just smiled and winked at him - I'm sure Bob appreciated it!

Pete saved Pino's introduction for last - basically calling Cardiff a 'sh*thole' with a trademark grin on his face! Then they were gone after a belting 'Baba', 'WGFA' and 'Tea and Theatre'. Just before 'T&T' Pete did a brief introduction that kind of went like this.... 'I was talking to a bloke the other night who said he didn't like us finishing the show with that 'miserable sh*t' but we like it so here it is' He also told us it was about lunatic asylums - why would anyone think it was miserable Pete!?

Sorry if this is a bit rambling but I am soooo hungover it ain't funny! Roll on Brum on Friday - thank god I'm driving!  ;)