The Who at Sheffield - Motorpoint Arena


The Who Setlist Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, England 2013, Quadrophenia and More European Tour




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Review by Simon Nicholl

In the same vein as Glasgow, I wasn't planning to go to this show and instead had been targeting Liverpool after this Sunday in Manchester. However I have the will-power of limp lettuce and duly ponied-up when a great seat (read: unsold VIP Bulls**t rip-off seat) became available.

As far as the show goes there is no doubt that the Sheffield crowd were subdued in places: I mean I even got a tip of the hat from Rog for trying to out-sing/bellow him, hah-hah!

The performance was again a delight and I think Scott Devours was the happiest guy in the building last night- he didn't stop laughing and smiling and loved the interaction from his bosses. I do agree that I wish he would leave out the hi-hat counting during the quiet section of 'BBE' and similar. Maybe PT insists on this now...who knows?

Other random stuff:

- Rog blew a kiss to Keith at the end of 'Bell Boy'

- Pete enjoys his freedom onstage so much: all the graft has really been done for him so PT just has to turn-up, throw some guitar shapes and growl a bit and it's a home run. For him it must be like shooting fish...

- Pino's playing is just...immaculate. I can find no other word for it. He enjoyed throwing in a few extra notes here and there in what may have been a private muso gag. Like I said, immaculate.

- Si T. again played and sang his knackers off.

- Quiet/subdued audience or no, there was so much love and goodwill for the two principals it was palpable.

- I got a wee bit wobbly towards the end as I realised that this nonsense will stop sooner rather than later and that I will never be this close to the two old scrotes again. Grateful for that."