The Who at Washington DC - Verizon Center

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Review by Justin Cober-Lake

I was completely blown away, and thought I'd share some quick thoughts. For anyone who saw the '90s Quad tour, this one is a considerably different show.

The ocean sounds started with the lights up and people still milling around, and people gradually noticed, which made for a great effect.

Roger seemed to be pacing himself a little, but his vocals held up fine for the most part, much better than I had expected really.

Pete was on fire. He took way more risks in his playing than the other times I'd seen him.

The highlight for me was the appearance of John during "5:15". I was just starting to think about how much I was missing him, and Roger said, "I hear the thunder", and I thought, that's kind mean to introduce his solo....OH. The crowd loved it, and it rejuvenated the whole show. This was one of I few spots where I got a little misty-eyed. Zak was phenomenal here and throughout.

It was a little odd that "Bell Boy" used so much video of Zak before going to Keith, but good to see and hear Keith.

The lights and videos were exceptional. I think I preferred this less direct method of visual storytelling to the video Jimmy of the previous Quad tour. Some of the images were really affecting, and it was stunning to see my life played out, and then realize...Wait..that's *their* whole life, from pre-war Britain to 9/11 to the 99%ers and "Free Pussy Riot". This show covers a lot!

There was one technical glitch with Roger's mic and a couple lyric flubs, but what would a Who show be without some reckless errors?

Technically, I thought the mix was great, although I personally might have made Pino a little louder, and increased Simon's guitar just for "The Dirty Jobs".

Also worth noting: Wow, is Roger fit! It gives me inspiration to, I don't know, eat less cake.