The Who at Denver - Pepsi Center


The Who Setlist Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




Who Are You
The Seeker
The Kids Are Alright
I Can See For Miles
I Can See For Miles
My Generation
Behind Blue Eyes
You Better You Bet
You Better You Bet
I'm One
The Real Me
The Real Me
Eminence Front
Pinball Wizard / See Me Feel Me
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again



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Hey Reverb (photos)


Review by Pat Stanton

The show last night in Denver was the 13th and last show on the first leg of the 2016 NA Tour. It was one of the better shows so far, with both Roger and Pete in fine form and a very enthusiastic audience.

Pete's voice is almost back to normal and the 3+ weeks between legs of the tour is coming at a good time for both.

Pete was especially funny before and after Pictures of Lily. He said he wrote it, never really expecting the band to record it. Kit liked it so they recorded it and they have been playing it ever since, mainly because Roger likes it which Pete attributed to his odd sense of humor. Roger added what's not to like as it is about wanking and every teen age boy and laughed.

Pete's inspiration for Lily was some pictures of Lily Langtry at his girlfriend's flat, a story he has told many times before. Last night he expanded on the story, saying he could not image his father giving him "dirty pictures" and hanging them on his wall and that in fact if his father had found him with the pictures he would have said "I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed that you have a penis that seems to be causing you a problem. Maybe we should cut it off". Pete assured us he did not have it cut off. Roger was laughing so hard when Pete told this I thought he might fall down.

Before Lily, Pete commented about writing songs in the early era of 1963/64 when he said "Roger was already getting girls pregnant" (this followed the Kids Are Alright van story).

The Van story was also expanded as Pete reminded Roger that he had indeed painted the Detours van with the arrow and Roger added that it they covered all the dents with red paint to the point that the van was mostly red.

Roger sounded very strong and masterful until the last 2 songs when his voice seemed a little strained. Again the rest between legs will help even though he will be busy with the TCT gigs at RAH during the break. As usual his Love Reign was spellbinding.

My Generation was especially sharp and wild with Pete brilliant and Roger extraordinarily active and dynamic. I commented to my neighbor that maybe they should do the Rock then to give him a rest. He was all over the stage all night laughing and getting the fans involved with the songs, leading us to participate.

The same set list as all the other shows without Slip Kid as Eminence Front was back again. Perhaps they will rehearse a few different songs during the break.

At the end of the show, Roger added that he never says never (meaning they might return) but that touring is getting harder and harder. I can appreciate his comment as I am very glad to be heading home myself today for the first time in nearly 5 weeks.

Excellent show and fun night for all. Both Roger and Pete seemed very touched by the reception and applause from the fans.