The Who at St Louis - Scottrade Center


The Who Setlist Scottrade Center, St. Louis, MO, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




Join Together
Baba O'Riley
Pictures of Lily
Who Are You
Pinball Wizard
Eminence Front
Band intros



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Review by Pat Stanton

The concert in St Louis last night was lots of fun for everyone. The band first appeared in St Louis as the support band for Herman's Hermits on 1967 and have been back many times since.

Pete had his voice back and was very chatty with the fans all night. He explained that his cold had turned into an allergic infection in DC as he is allergic to white cherry blossoms. Definitely not the place to be in March with that allergy.

Pete had issues with his ears all night, saying it was an inner ear problem from the illness. Roger added that with his hearing issues they make a good pair and laughed.

Before Pete sang I'm One, he laughingly said it would be better than his comical version in the last show when he sounded like Kermit the Frog. He didn't sound that bad but he sounded good last night.

Roger's Love Reign was absolutely wonderful, with him adding some extra melodic bits at the end. He spoke about how magnificent that song is and thanked Pete for writing it, saying as he has in the past that he never tires singing it. After Roger spoke, Pete added "now you get my growl" referencing his Eminence Front, which was rocking last night.

For the intro of Miles, Pete noted as he always does that most people weren't even born when he wrote It. A very large, loud and intoxicated fan in the front acted out on that and Pete asked him when he was born. He answered 1963 to which Pete turned to Roger and told him that maybe he was his bastard child from the Kids Are Alright Story (although Roger never referenced a child other than his son with his wife). Funny moment that took a bit of wind out of the loud fan.

Pete also noted with the Miles intro that most of the songs they were singing weren't really hits at all. Roger added but you aren't getting your money back and laughed.

Roger added a bit during My Generation when he pointed to some individuals in the crowd who are their generation and smiled. He also commented that people are dropping all round him and Pete added "They are just Pussies" and clutched his heart and staggered back. It was funnier than it sounds.

Roger's microphone seemed to have a mind of its own during his swinging of it. It bounced on the stage a couple of times and flew all around with him needing to be especially acrobatic to control it.

Pete was wonderful on guitar all night. Roger sounded great but seemed a bit tired at the end. They have an extra day of rest before Denver on Tuesday and then a few weeks off.

In the band intros, Pete mentioned that they had rehearsed 50 songs and that maybe they will add some different ones in the next leg. Fingers crossed.

Lots of Pete shots as I was in front of him. Nice picture at the end where Pete walked over to Roger and put his arm around him. I also like the White guitar he used in Behind Blue Eyes. He commented about it - looking at it before he started and saying "it's all white". Sounded fine no matter what color it was.


Review by Lynn Travers

Roger was in good voice. Pete and Roger appeared to be enjoying themselves. Sound mix was well balanced IMO. I would have loved to hear AQO and SB live, but no such luck. I usually don't care that much about TKAA, but tonight it seemed special. Maybe it was Roger's story leading up to it. LOL. Best part was seeing my wife and daughter beside me smiling and dancing. San Diego in 2013 is still my #1, but this one is right behind. Will probably never get to see them again, so I am left with good memories.