The Who at Houston - Toyota Center


The Who Setlist Toyota Center, Houston, TX, USA 2015, The Who Hits 50!




I Can't Explain/The Seeker
The Seeker
Who Are You
I Can See For Miles
I Can See For Miles
My Generation
Magic Bus
Magic Bus
Join Together
You Better You Bet
Eminence Front
Eminence Front
Amazing Journey/Sparks
Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me
Pinball Wizard
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again
Won't Get Fooled Again


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Review by Ozzie Pottersmith

As I sit here in Austin Texas in the sun at Barton Springs I'm trying to reflect on the Houston show. Well first off it wasn't planned, I didn't expect to go to any other shows except for New Orleans Jazz with my wife Trish and a group of IAD fans, but that all changed when Pete inadvertently or unexpectedly or whatever was going through Pete's mind at the time that he started or announced Pictures of Lily. Pete wouldn't take no for an answer even though the song was probably not on the set list and the jazz fest crowd was treated to a unique version, although somewhat shortened version of pictures of Lily. That combined with full band, Pete’s lead version of I'm One and Bargain, was enough to make the day for me.

So even though I thought I was done with the insanity, the insanity prevailed and only a day after returning from New Orleans I booked the flight within three hours and was on my way to Houston. I arrived at the venue early in the morning,  checked the box office a few times, nothing of any interest was showing up there so I wandered  around Houston and eventually procured a 19th row section A Pete side ticket and felt very satisfied. I was on the Rail in New Orleans with Alan and Charles and even though it was behind the eminence front of the VIP section it was a very satisfying position to watch the Jazz Fest set from. So I estimated that the 19th row would put me pretty much about the same distance away from the stage and I was satisfied with that.

The graphics, the light show, the animations were all very spectacular from a little distance back which I'll brag I'm not usually in that position to get that full production value. Eventually I made my way to the venue that night and walking from the top of the venue down to the floor had that very familiar exciting vibe to it. When I hit the floor I was ready for the show. The security guard on the floor looked at my union Jack socks, newly printed "We Are The Fucking Who" tee shirt, and said you look like you're ready and I agreed. I made my way down to the front row had a lot of good interactions with the people there, and proceeded to totally rock out to Joan Jett from there. Before the who came out the security sweep cleared us vagabonds out of that section and I proceeded to go between fifth row and 19th row back-and-forth as possible.

First thing I noticed was that Rogers voice was strong, although he struggled a bit with some of the more demanding parts of the set. Pete was in a very good mood, he was very talkative which I love and really seemed to be enjoying himself. The point at which Roger's guitar came un-strapped and fell to the ground with the loud thud was quite an entertaining part of the set. Rogers ensuing story about the old days of him putting pieces of this and that together to keep his guitar in working order and doing the measuring through a window and winding up having  his guitar come out too big and heavy was priceless, as was both Pete and Rogers banter back-and-forth. Especially Pete saying "go ahead and finish it off!"

The Seeker, Squeezebox, a full wonderful version of Pictures of Lily, yes even for me Magic Bus, and The Seeker, and Join Together, was enough for me to know that I needed to see this set. But the magic Grail, like I would imagine for many others, hearing them finally do A Quick One was simply incredible! It is quite possible that I would've made the trip for only that one song, and an hour and fifty minutes of Pete and Roger just having marital spats, if I was told that's what they were going to do. I waited a long time and it was worth the wait. Speaking of marital spats, I'm expecting all the locks to be changed when I get back to Colorado, but before that happens I'm heading to Dallas and hoping the two days off will give Roger some much needed voice rest. If you're looking for me, I'll be in the last row top section.

One last thing, having Wi-Fi at the venue in Houston was great since it allowed me to share a lot of photos and some video in real time which I know I really appreciate when I'm not on the road and I know from the feedback a lot of other people do as well. So in closing I will not tell you to be lucky because I don't think you can just be lucky I think you have to get lucky so everybody out there get lucky, see you in Dallas!