The Who at Kansas City - Sprint Center


The Who Setlist Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




I Can't Explain
Who Are You
I Can See For Miles
My Generation
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
You Better You Bet
Love Reign O'er Me
Eminence Front
Pinball Wizard
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again
Baba O'Riley
Pinball Wizard
Love Reign O'er Me
Eminence Front
I'm One



The Kansas City Star
The Pitch


Review by Pat Stanton

I really enjoyed the show last night in Kansas City. The band was really on.

The screen before the show said the tickets first went on sale 570 days ago and I don't know if that date is from the Friday general sale date or the prior Saturday Fan Club presale way back in October 2014. The show had been postponed initially in May 2015 as one of 3 shows that were rescheduled to allow Roger a week to rest his vocal cords after the Dallas show. They made it finally and it was a wonderful evening for the fans.
The set list was the same as Toronto, again opening with ICE although Roger seemed to be having a problem with his ear pieces as he was off sync. After the song was over he looked at Pete who just smiled and Roger shrugged and went on with no further equipment issues.

Pete was again very lively and energetic and extremely chatty all night. He spoke so much the show pushed up against the 11 curfew. Roger, ever mindful of the time, started checking his watch with Pinball Wizard. He politely "encouraged" Pete off stage at the end pointing to the staff and saying they want us off. Funny how they work together seamlessly as a team.

Pete talked a bit about wanting to do the Quad version that they toured with in 12/13. He again thanked Roger for mounting that version which was as he had dreamed it. Thankfully he wants to do that version and not the classic version of last summer. This is one fan who would love to see them do it again.

After Lily, Roger laughed about the picture of Keith in drag, saying he would have dressed that way at shows. The conversation then moved on to the more serious topic of who should use what bathrooms, with Pete going on about how some days he might like to use another bathroom and so forth. As Roger was just in NC for the TCA benefit on Thursday, it was fresh in his mind but the conversation got a little odd for a rock concert. Pete ended it by commenting on Trump's position on the topic, indicating it was one of his better positions (i am paraphrasing as I don't recall exactly what he said).

Roger sounded spectacular all night. His Love Reign was back to its usual brilliance, hitting all the notes and thrilling the audience. He even eliminated the spitting water in the air gimmick before the final segment to sing it completely straight. Absolutely beautiful.

A funny moment was during I"m One when Pete added lyrics that said this is the song when pensioners sit down. Roger promptly sat down and played his harmonica bit on the floor with the microphone horizontal. Pete dropped down after the song and then laughed that getting down is easy at their age but getting up is much harder.

Pete made a number of comments during the show about their mortality. He said it was useful to have a fork to jab your hand with when you wake up in the morning to be certain you are still alive. Also indicating that if you have a sharp fork you are probably not in jail. Roger added after his difficult time last fall when he was jabbed and had things poked into him in every imaginable place he is not interested in using a fork for that and is just glad to still be anywhere.

During sound check, Roger spoke briefly about how badly he feeling for Brian Johnson with his hearing issues and his forced departure from AC/DC. He indicated that he can relate as his hearing is worsening, adding that he is certain that Brian will go on with his life and do other things.

Lots of Roger shots in today's pictures. Wonderful show.