The Who at Minneapolis - Target Center


The Who Setlist Target Center, Minneapolis, MN, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




Who Are You
The Seeker
I Can See For Miles
My Generation
Pictures of Lily
Behind Blue Eyes



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Review by Michelle Stimpson

The show in Minneapolis was rock and roll PERFECTION. My husband and I were front and center, blown away the entire night! It was two-plus hours of shock and awe with larger-than-life smiles on our faces.

The guys started out with an in-your-face “Who Are You”…and never let up. To spend the night right at the foot of our favorite and revered rock legends was indescribable, and we kept smacking each other throughout the show with an "OMG!!!" Pete is my guitar hero and to watch him kill it on every song left me speechless. And Roger? He sounded better than ever!

All night, you could feel  their enjoyment for the music, and I loved their playful mood. When they’re having fun on stage, we all have fun!

As a Life Coach, my job is to help others honor their calling in life and do more of what they love. Seeing the guys in their “zone” and doing what they’ve been called to do in this lifetime…inspires the rest of us to do what it is that we are each here to do. As Harold Whitman said: “Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Pete and Roger clearly embody this…and as fans and concertgoers, our lives are transformed because of it.

Years ago at a show, Pete’s guitar pick landed right at my feet. Occasionally I’ll keep that pick in my pocket as my reminder to embrace “playing full-out” and give life everything I’ve got. That’s what Pete represents for me. He and Roger have truly excelled at blowing the roof off of whatever arena they’re in, which they did in Minneapolis. Their presence on stage is absolutely mind-blowing and completely inspiring. They personify living life out loud with laser-focused presence and an unparalleled commitment to showing fans a good time. Now that’s rock and roll!

I will never forget this 50th anniversary show. If this is their final tour, these guys are going out on TOP. Without a freakin’ doubt. I’m so grateful and appreciative for such an awe-inspiring, unforgettable night of pure joy!


Review by Pat Stanton

The show last night in Minneapolis was my favorite so far in the spring leg of shows. Both Pete and Roger were very energetic and happy, seeming to enjoy the show as much as we did.

Roger sounded so solid and strong all night. His Love Reign was unbelievable, with John Corey's intro spectacular - Pete called it Chopanesque. Pete was flying all night. His improvisations during a number of the songs, especially My Generation and WAY were fabulous.

The set list was cut back, with ICE dropped and WAY again the opener. Sadly 5:15 was also dropped. This is probably the result of the KC show running too long and bumping up to the 11 curfew. I really hope 5:15 is added back as they really rock during the shortened version.

Pete started up again after Lily with his story about his father finding "porn" pictures under his bed as a young teen, although he was quick to add they weren't porn at all just women in bathing suits. With their nipples air brushed out, or so he remembers. He related how his father saw them and said "how disgusting". Too funny. Pete looked at Roger at that point and joked about what you might find under their beds now.

Roger didn't speak much last night, conserving his voice for his singing which was superb. The extra day of rest will do him and the rest of the band good, especially as he added in the TCA benefit in NC on his off day between Toronto and KC, flying east to then turn around and go west. Too much travel can be really tough on the body and he needs to take care of his health. Sermon over.

Pete commented that he was really glad to be back in Minneapolis. Roger said he was really glad to be anywhere after last year and laughed.

The instrumental pieces seemed especially lively and rocking. The Rock was fabulous, as was Sparks, both always high points for me but especially last night.

Before I'm One, Pete related that the song is really not about him but was inspired by some of the young male fans in their early years. He spoke about being in a band with John by age 14 and then how Roger subsequently invited them both into his band. So he was "part of a gang" even if the gang was a band and he never felt alone or isolated like the boy in the song. Interesting story.

Pictures today are better than usual as I had a spot between Roger and Pete and the lighting was excellent.

Both guys commented on the sound in the Target Center which was much better than either Toronto or KC. The fans really seemed to enjoy the show as did all on stage.

Winnipeg show is on the 4th after a little extra rest for all.


Review by Michael Anthony Kvidera

Here's my review of the Minneapolis show, I'll try to make it brief... First off, I got to mention the Slydigs, who opened the show. A great surprise much like Vintage Trouble was when they opened for the Quad tour four years ago. Now on to The Who... Wow! Awesome! I've seen their shows up here since 2002 and each show topped the other. I thought the Quad show was fantastic, well this one topped that one!! This show was originally scheduled for last October... But this was well worth the wait!! Roger was extremely spot on tonight!! Pete was hopping all around the stage and windmilling... You forget these guys are in their 70's!! I've seen the set lists for the previous shows on this leg, so I was anticipating pretty much the same, but they kicked off with Who Are You, and I said "Wow! They changed things up!" In fact, they didn't even play I Can't Explain or Substitute!

Quickly, a highlight of the show for me... Which had great banter from both Pete and Rog all night, was after Pictures Of Lily when Pete talked about his parents reaction after they found porn under his bed!

If this was the last of The Who around here, they surely did not disappoint!! If you have a chance to see them yet this year, I highly recommend it.