The Who at Liverpool - Echo Arena


The Who Setlist Echo Arena, Liverpool, England 2014, The Who Hits 50!




My Generation
I Can't Explain / Substitute
Tommy Medley
Pinball Wizard (Pete stumbles)
Pictures of Lily / So Sad About Us
I Can See For Miles
I Can See For Miles - great banter at beginning
I Can't Explain
Won't Get Fooled Again



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Soundcheck review by Horace Austin

"Join Together," "Bell Boy," and "You Better You Bet" were played while we were being processed.

About 80 fans in attendance.

It lasted 55 minutes.

Pete and Rog weren't present when we walked in.

Rog showed up after we were seated. Rog said hello to the audience. He name checked me, Eddie, Pat and Kazuko.

Pete was running late, so Rog killed time by interacting with the audience.

"How has 'Substitute' been sounding, Eddie?"

"What would you lot like to hear?" (All sorts of responses from the audience.)

Rog gave Russ some reason why he couldn't or wouldn't do "How Many Friends."

Simon Malia requested "Be Lucky." Roger gave a grunt and turned his back to the audience.

This went on for a few minutes. Then Pete showed up.

"So Sad About Us" - Followed by a conversation about the harmonies. Pete played the opening riff to "Keep Me Turning" a couple times during the conversation. Very subtle. (Simon Malia and Dante heard what I heard.)

"I'm One"
"Substitute" - played again.
"I Can See For Miles"
"Who Are You"
"My Generation" - Rog to Simon about the backing harmonies: "Kit Lambert told us to sing it with a sneer."

Review by Dante DiCarlo

Next up it was Liverpool, but before the actual gig, I was lucky enough to get into the soundcheck. Some interesting things to observe. At first Roger ran through a few things and even asked the people in the soundcheck whether “Cry If You Want” should be dropped or not. We shouted for various songs, when I shouted for “Slip Kid” we were told that it hadn't been dropped but the backing track needed to be sped up because it was lumbering. Personally I strongly disagree, it sounded great.

Others asked for “The Real Me” and Roger said they could do that. Brooke Smith asked for Simon to play “Going Mobile” and he began to play it when Pete showed up. The band then ran through “So Sad About Us” disputing the structure of the song. They also went through “My Generation” with the song played like the record in the key of G instead of most live version which are in A. Pete talked about the key of G being more jangly instead of like heavy metal. Pete also said that the previous gig had been a problem because the backing vocals were deafening. There was also discussion about the way they would play “I'm One”

Anyway onto the main gig and Pete started off by saying it was good to be back at the centre of the known universe “The only city that has an airport with a proper name”

The band blasted through the hits, this time “Substitute” going more smoothly. The first major surprise was when the band finally dusted off “My Generation” as the 8th song. In the soundcheck they had said it would work anywhere in the set but I had not expected it so early on. The song went fine, the changes the band had made in the soundcheck coming off without a hitch. I still find Pino deviates from what John played too much on the solo but at least being more like the studio version it sounds ok played clean.

Straight after this we got “So Sad About Us” which went well this time, the structure having been ironed out, it seems like they might keep this one now.

Pete announced he had a sore throat and was feeling unwell but he sang I'm One anyway, though we would get no “Eminence Front” tonight. The Quadrophenia section was going very well until 5.15. As Pete started playing a solo the guitar was giving him trouble, the same guitar that was angering him in Newcastle. This time Pete was a little more frustrated, he took the guitar off and slammed it down onto the stage, just threw it right into the floor and then stamped on it for good measure. Alan Rogan ran up to give him a new guitar and they cut to John's bass solo. After the bass solo we were treated to Angry Pete mode, where he plays a great solo and really goes for it on stage, one of the highlights of the night.

After the Quadrophenia section we got “Naked Eye” back in the set, this time Simon singing Pete's part and doing a great job of it which Pete commented on afterwards. The performance felt a bit faster and more powerful than in Glasgow, hopefully they will play it more as it would really benefit from a few more performances to get it really on form.

During “Pinball Wizard” there was another incident when Pete forgot he had his line coming up and trying to rush to the mic he tripped and fell on his monitor. I was concerned he'd hurt himself but he seemed fine, his guitar however was apparently not fit to complete the song and he took it off and pointed to Simon to take over as the song went to the riff in the higher key. Simon didn't see Pete gesture to him and when he did try to play the riff he made several attempts before finding the right key. An unusual and slightly funny moment.

The band finished off with “Baba O'Riley” “Won't Get Fooled Again” and then again just played the encore song without leaving the stage. Magic Bus again, a song that at one time I thought I would never here live.

At the end of the show Pete suggested they change the name of the airport to Zak Starkey Airport. Just one of the many funny bits of banter on stage, I wish I could remember them all!

Review by Nigel Favager

Waking up in Liverpool and looking out of my hotel room window and glancing across to where I seen The Who last night and this who fan has got a big smile on his face and a ringing in both ears.

From the opening chords of 'I Can’t Explain'-which hit me right in the gut I knew that this was going to be a great concert. The band ripped through the classics with wild abandon. Roger sang his heart out, Pete played with a passion and rage that would put any young upstart guitarist(s) to shame, Pino played very well indeed and so did Simon. Zak was phenomenal reminding everybody just what a great asset he is to The Who. I reckon Keith was looking down last night and the Dear Boy would be proud of Zak’s performance.

Highlight(s) of the overall night for me were 'A quick one while He’s away', 'My Generation' 'Amazing Journey' and 'Sparks' hit me like a locomotive-frenzied raucous rock and roll!! I loved every second of last night and it was emotional seeing John and Keith on the screens I got misty eyed and had a lump in my throat. The sound was crystal clear and loud and full of raging who spirit.

The Who played for well over 2 hours and during that time they yet again proved that they are the finest live rock band that’s ever been. Roger and Pete turned back the clock last night and sang and performed like they were twenty year olds-amazing!! It’s up to each and every one of us to keep the flame burning for The Who because I certainly will to my dying day and beyond- I will always be a who fan because I love them. Thank you Roger, Pete, Zak, Simon, Pino!