The Who at Manchester - Phones 4U Arena

The Who Setlist Phones 4u Arena, Manchester, England 2014, The Who Hits 50!



So Sad About Us
You Better You Bet
I'm One - Pete close up (chats about having his wisdom tooth out)
I'm One
Bell Boy
Magic Bus



Manchester Evening News


Soundcheck review by Horace Austin

Lasted 35 minutes.

We sat 5th row center. Closest I've sat to the stage at a soundcheck.

All band present.

"I Can See For Miles"
"Who Are You"
"Magic Bus"
"Pinball Wizard" - They brought up a little kid named George. He stood in close between Pete and Rog to sing this number. His parents were there. It was adorable. He got a standing ovation from everyone in attendance.
"Pictures Of Lily"


Review by Annie Tracey

“WE ARE THE MODS – WE ARE THE MODS!” Like a tidal wave, echoing through the Manchester Arena on Saturday night December 13. THE WHO showed yet again why their fans are totally sympatico with the Greatest Live Band in the world!! WHOligans of the world united for a blistering night of Rock from the Masters! The WHO Hits 50 UK Tour delivered a deliriously exhilarating evening of Who gems.

From the opening chords of  I Can't Explain, Pete Townshend's ode to unexpressed love and lust, to Roger Daltrey's crushing scream in Won't Get Fooled Again, the last remaining members drove a fully loaded lorry through their catalogue of 50 years. While Pete was nursing a nasty cold virus, and a routine trip to the dentist earlier in the day saw him have a wisdom tooth removed, but with the intoxicating energy of a man decades younger, Roger delivered a superbly energetic vocal performance that belies his 70 years. Old Age Pensioners they are not! Angry mod youths they are no longer – but high energy blistering guitar Rock God Pete and his vocal muse sang and stalked the stage in Manchester. My Generation, not included in their set until Liverpool on December 11, drove the audience into a wild frenzy. Pictures of Lily and So Sad about Us, rarely performed in the last several decades was a delicious inclusion for we fans who are desperate to see long lost gems performed live once again. 5:15 had a video montage of John Entwistle's bass solo showing why he was and will always be Thunderfingers!! Bell Boy was Keith Moon's tribute and the final shot of a smiling Moonie brought sweet cheers and a reminder how much we miss our two lost members.

Roger asked the audience to help Pete sing the beautiful 'I'm One' with Pete and his Gibson Acoustic! Chills ran down the spine. The fans and Pete were truly One!!

Substitute, The Seeker, Slip Kid, You Better You Bet, I Can See for Miles, Behind Blue Eyes, The Kids are Alright (with a glorious montage of Mods on scooters on the big screen), Join Together, and their mini-opera A Quick One was superb with Pete windmilling and crashing chords and sublime guitar picking and occasional leaping. Pete's searing guitar on  Amazing Journey/Sparks from Tommy lead into See Me Feel Me with everyone in the audience chanting the chorus in total unison.

Baba O'Riley and Won't Get Fooled Again ended the night to an ecstatic and totally frenzied crowd that would have been euphoric to see another 2 ½ hours of  unbelievably high intensity Who Gems! The Band that will NEVER die ended the night with the groovy bluesy 'Magic Bus'!

LONG LIVE ROCK! Thanks Lads! I Still Need it Every Night!  MerseyWHOgirl (Annie Tracey)

Review by Nigel Favager

Waking up in Liverpool and looking out of my hotel room window and glancing across to where I saw The Who last night and this who fan has got a big smile on his face and a ringing in both ears. From the opening chords of 'I Cant Explain' - which hit me right in the gut, I knew that this was going to be a great concert. The band ripped through the classics with wild abandon - Roger sang his heart out, Pete played with a passion and rage that would put any young upstart guitarist(s)to shame, Pino played very well indeed and so did Simon. Zak was phenomenal reminding everybody just what a great asset he is to The Who -  I reckon Keith was looking down last night and the Dear Boy would be proud of Zaks performance. Highlight(s) of the overall night for me were 'A quick one while hes away', 'My Generation' 'Amazing Journey' and 'Sparks' hit me like a locomotive-frenzied raucous rock and roll!! I loved every second of last night and it was emotional seeing John and Keith on the screens I got misty eyed and had a lump in my throat. The sound was crystal clear and loud and full of raging who spirit. The Who played for well over 2 hours and during that time they yet again proved that they are the finest live rock band that’s ever been. Roger and Pete turned back the clock last night and sang and performed like they were twenty year olds-amazing!! It’s up to each and every one of us to keep the flame burning for The Who because I certainly will to my dying day and beyond - I will always be a who fan because I love them. Thank you Roger, Pete, Zak, Simon, Pino.


Review by Pat Stanton

Another brilliant show. Similar set list but Slip Kid is back (yeah). Pete is battling a cold plus he had a wisdom tooth extracted today. On the day of a show? The audience helped him sing I'm One which was a lot of fun. The Manchester crowd was great, one of the best so far. Everyone had so much fun, including the band. Some pics, including more Pete as I was between the two lads. But of course Roger is well represented. (Roger fashion alert- Glasses back on tonight and blue shirt back out.)