The Who at Milwaukee - BMO Harris Bradley Center


The Who Setlist BMO Harris Bradley Center, Milwaukee, WI, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




I Can See For Miles
Behind Blue Eyes
Love Reign O'er Me
You Better You Bet
Eminence Front
Who Are You



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Review by Bob Smith

The Who finally made their way back to Milwaukee to play in front of a very crazy and enthusiastic crowd. They usually skip Milwaukee and all of us Who fans have to hike it down to Chicago. It was a great setlist with songs like Join Together which they don't play very often in concert. With Roger being 72 and Pete being 70, the energy they brought last night was the same when I saw them for the very first time in 1976. I truly believe Pete when he says we have gotten better. The crowd stood and cheered wildly for the whole night. I was wishing the show would never end. They are THE GREATEST ROCK AND ROLL BAND EVER! 21 songs in all the Band played, I loved every second of the show. Long Live Rock and Long Live THE WHO!


Revied by Pat Stanton

The concert in Milwaukee was a blast. Pete and Roger and the fans enjoyed themselves totally.

The big news is that Pete lost his voice about 3 songs in. He announced that he had lost his voice and in a self deprecating manner added "not that it makes much difference" and laughed. He made a valiant attempt at I am One but it was painful to hear. He said before he began that he was going to attempt it with no voice and that this has happened many times to both of them, but the difference is that there would be no show if it was Roger with no voice.

Pete sounded a little stronger with Eminence Front and he did sing along in his normal parts of the songs but I am really concerned for him and the rest of the band as these things are often passed around. Fingers crossed all the others stay healthy.

In spite of Pete's voice he played masterfully all night. Both Roger and Pete were very playful with each other and about each other. When Roger struck a pose for the female fans at the beginning of Eminence Front, the Townshend brothers exchanged a cross stage glance and good natured laugh. I have a couple spectacular shots of the pose but not the glance.

Roger's Love Reign was again spectacular. When the fans erupted after it he pointed to Pete to share in the applause but I shook my head and pointed back to him as that song is all about him.

I thought that we might be in for a rollercoaster lyric night when Roger skipped the love falls from the trees verse and repeated a prior verse in the opening WAY but that was the only slip up.

Roger's Van story that he tells before The Kids Are Alright (when he wanted to live in the van rather than with his wife and baby) went on longer than usual so Pete started to make guitar noises and faces, again in fun. Not that it Roger cared as he was going to tell his story like he wanted. After Roger finished his Van story, Pete said with outstretched arms "He did it for me!" To which Roger replied "No I did it for me" and laughed.

The fans were very enthusiastic and well behaved and mannered, not displaying the higher level of intoxication that I have seen at a number of the venues recently. Everyone had lots of fun and sang along with gusto, energizing the band.

Roger bounced all over again all night, smiling and laughing with the fans. Pete was amazingly energetic given his health concerns, ending WGFA with fake machine gun chatter along the front. I was also so happy to see a short Pino solo at the end of WGFA. So good to see him get some recognition for his masterful playing.

Lots of Roger shots today with a couple of Zak and Simon/Pino. Set list is the same but they did rehearse Slip Kid three times at sound check. The band sounded fine with it but the lyrics were creatively sung all three times smile emoticon. Maybe it will be performed in Washington DC on Thursday.