The Who at Newark - Prudential Center


The Who Setlist Prudential Center, Newark, NJ, USA 2016, The Who Hits 50!




My Generation
Eminence Front
Baba O'Riley




Review by Pat Stanton

The concert at the Prudential Center in Newark was spectacular. It was one of the best yet on the 2016 tour. The crowd seemed to be geographically more diverse than some of the recent shows, probably as the location is easier to reach by car. The fans there seemed to love the show, singing all night with vigor and enthusiasm.

Both Roger and Pete were dynamic and very chatty all night. Bruce Springsteen was referenced throughout the night, appropriately as he is the Boss of NJ. Pete was the first to invoke his name to which Roger added in typically droll fashion that he has a bit of talent.

Pete wasn't feeling well, needing to change from his opening coat (not the tattered t-shirt for a change) to his white maestro coat (his name for it, not mine) as the first one was soaked through. He even took some type of pill (probably a Tylenol) with a Coke, lamenting to us that when he asked for something they only gave him one! He then proclaimed "Don't take drugs or you won't live to be 70". Everyone laughed at the irony of that proclamation.

Pete also went into a long speech about how sad it is that there aren't really albums being produced anymore and that unlike the old days when you bought an album and listened to, gaining respect and affection for songs that you initially didn't like, now people just pick songs they like. He added that Quadrophenia would probably not even be noticed if it was released today. Roger shook his head in disagreement to that statement. Unfortunately Pete is probably correct.

After the robust Join Together, Roger commented how good we all sounded and that singing is good for your health. Pete added how he couldn't sleep the night before and started to sing at 4:45 am and finally fell asleep at 9:30 because he grew tired of hearing himself sing.

Roger sang wonderfully all night. His Love Reign was magnificent and performed straight, no laughter at the end to break the mood. It truly has become a signature song for him. I attended with a friend who last saw them in 1982 at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas and he commented that he was really surprised how good and powerful Roger sounded after all these years. I agreed, adding that I much prefer his current rendition of Love Reign versus the original 1973 version on the Quad album.

Both Roger and Pete were energetic and I would not have realised that Pete felt at all ill if he didn't say something during the show. Roger was bouncing all over the stage all night until the end of WGFA, smiling and laughing as was Pete.

Same set list as prior shows. There was mention of Slip Kid in sound check although they did not rehearse it. Fingers crossed that it might make it into the list on this leg or maybe the April/May leg.

Lots of Roger pictures given my seat location. Wonderful show!


Soundcheck review by Lauren from Boulder

Rog and the band noodling 5-10 min

Rog in a jacket, sounds like he has a cold.

In the middle f that that time, Binky comes out and points at me. How do I know? I just do. I wave. He waves back. A minute later, he puts on a UJ jacket and points at me laughing. Roger tells him to take it off. It's awful. I say, He did it for me. Fun.

A minute or two later, Mark and I spot each other and share a wave.

I'm home.

Pete comes out to applause.

"After me, you're late."

"You can only play the wood block when I'm wearing my very tight trousers."


Pete:  "Don't pretend you get that joke. Even I don't get that joke."

Partial run through of The Rock. Some sound issues. Pete hears a hum. Bob P on the project.


Smell of French fires

Miles acapella(ish)

P "Without the track its acapella. What is it WITH the track?"

R "Con Capella!"

Pete, w/ dramatic flair: "We're going to do ICSFM CON CAPELLA!"

Stop after one verse.

I whisper shout: Slip Kid / Naked Eye / Cry If You Want / So Sad About Us / Drowned

Loud enough for people right by me to hear, but definitely not loud enough for them to hear. (I know better than to be sit-up tube during soundcheck.)

I'm One - one verse

P "I want to give the beginning of the Seeker a go."

R "Do you fancy giving Slip Kid a try."

I can't help myself.


Mark is dispatched to find lyrics/ iPad.

Pete and Zak do opening riff of Seeker a couple of times.

R "Want to do EF while we wait for the iPad?"

Tech stuff. Mark comes back w iPad!!!


Long break while Pete reads his iPad.

P "I don't have the charts."

R "We'll do it another day.