The Who at Stuttgart, DE - Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle


The Who Setlist Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Germany, Back To The Who Tour 2016




Pete's slide
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
Love Reign O'er Me
Pinball Wizard / See Me Feel Me
Won't Get Fooled Again
Band intros


Sudwest Presse
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Review by Melissa Hurley

What a blast tonight. The Who were brilliant. Front row centre and surrounded by fellow Who friends. Everyone was dancing, singing and laughing and great interaction with Pete and Roger all night. Pete wailed on his guitar and Rog's vocals had been pretty flawless. Roger's mic just missed my face by an half of an inch. Similar set with an additional Relay and Pete did his famous slide across the stage!


Review by Pat Stanton

The concert last night was wonderful. The entire band played with enthusiasm and energy, especially Roger and Pete. It was one of the best shows on 2016.

The arena was extraordinarily hot. First thing Pete said when he came on stage was that it was hot, in German. During the show he mentioned that he and Roger attended the same school and that both learned German there. He then added that they are still trying to teach Roger English, laughing and saying to Roger that he is using all his jokes about him.

Roger sounded phenomenal all night, through WGFA. Pete commented in the closing intros that his voice just keeps getting better and better, a fact certainly true last night.
Roger's Love Reign was one of the best that I have heard him perform, hitting all the notes and singing it with great passion.

Pete was in a great mood and growling at fans who shouted silly comments. After the enthusiastic reception of his leap, he decided to add a slide in WGFA when Roger screams. Unfortunately the picture that I took did not come out as lights flashed and my angle was not good. It was an effective slide and he appeared to be quite happy with it.

Set list was similar but Relay was added - not one of my favorites but the audience liked it. Lily was cut but Miles was included.

The pace did not seem rushed as it did in Oberhausen. My Generation was longer than usual, with Roger doing an odd rap like patter/improv during the free flow section. [Editor's note: the improv was part of Cry If You Want.]

The swinging microphone seemed possessed at times. At one point he bounced it on the stage, tried to regroup and swung it dangerously close to Pete's face making him flinch away.

Join Together was creatively sung. The verses that Roger sings on stage left that begin with "It's the singer not the song" were all sung, just in a completely scrambled order. Roger laughed it off, commenting that he got them all in as he walked back to center.

Pete's voice also was very strong, with I'm One and Acid Queen performed with lots of enthusiasm. Many windmills the entire night.

My pictures are heavily weighed toward Pete as I was in front of him.

The fans were very appreciative and loud. Roger and Pete were again grateful for the response and thanked the fans sincerely.