The Who at Winnipeg - MTS Centre


The Who Setlist MTS Centre, Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2016, The Who Hits 50!




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Review by Pat Stanton

The Winnipeg concert was lively and fun. Roger opened the show with a huge "WINNIPEG" and Pete added how good it was to be back.

Roger sounded great but had a self professed senior moment with Miles when he started the Eiffel Tower verse before the instrumental section. When the proper time came, Pete pumped his arm a few times yelling "Now, now, now" and Roger picked it up. After a song or two Roger finally said "What was that?" and told us it was a senior moment, you can't help them and we will all get them. Better than the alternative of no moments at all.

Pete sounded strong and was again jumping and wiggling and dancing all through the show. Musically he was on fire and again very chatty.

Roger always does a short intro to Lily, talking about how Pete is a master at writing the short 3 minute song that tells a story. Songs that he says they sang when they were a boy band. As usual Pete looked a little embarrassed at all the praise about what he says was a throw away song about masturbation that he wrote as a lark, but tonight Roger saw he wanted to say something so he prompted him. Pete laughingly took credit for the song Eleanor Rigby, definitely more worthy of all the praise.

Pete talked about the first time they drove a bus across Canada, from coast to coast in the 60's. He thought they probably stopped in Winnipeg but didn't remember and added he doesn't know how they ever made it as it was winter. Roger added "with lots of chains".

They added Squeeze Box although 5:15 and ICE were still off the list. They had a lot of fun with Squeeze Box, especially after they had rehearsed it several times in sound check to decide how many in and outs and how many squeezes to sing in the chorus. The video they use for this song is priceless and Roger and Pete actually turned around in sound check and watched it laughing throughout it. Pete mentioned that this song was also a lark that he played for Ronnie Lane and expected to just delete off his tape but somehow it got recorded.

Pete brought up the huge Coachella event, calling it a pensioners show that he thought he would be the youngest headliner until he realizes that Ronnie Wood will only be 69. Both he and Roger had a chuckle about Ronnie expecting twins.

Roger seemed out of sorts at times with his equipment and a few minor glitches, especially at the end of WGFA. At the very end of the show, after intros were completed, Pete told him,"Roger you did good", trying to cheer him up. The fans agreed loudly.

Some great shots of Roger due to my location. Some of the female fans will be happy to see a couple of buttons undone after Love Reign, a song that he nailed again.