The Who at Las Vegas - Caesars Palace Colosseum night 2

The Who Setlist The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV, USA, The Who Tour 2017




I Can't Explain
The Seeker
The Kids Are Alright
I Can See for Miles
Pictures of Lily
Behind Blue Eyes
Join Together
You Better You Bet
Amazing Journey / Sparks
Pinball Wizard / See Me Feel Me / Listening To You
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again



Las Vegas Sun
Las Vegas Review-Journal


Review by Pat Stanton

The Who continued to rock during their second show of their Vegas residency.

The set list changed a bit, with Lily back and 5:15 swapped with The Punk and the Godfather. Dropped were Bargain and Relay. After the audience loudly applauded for Lily, Pete commented that Vegas likes rarities. Not that Lily is a real rarity but the fans appreciate hearing good music - and variety.

The band was very tight all night, with Pete excelling even more than usual. Pete was also very chatty and animated for the entire show.

We were treated to a Pete slide at the end of WGFA, and it was a pretty good one. You can always tell that he is going to slide when he starts pacing around and backing up just before the scream.

Before Emminence Front, Pete disclosed that this was sold before all the CSI openings to Miami Vice. This he has said many times before but what he added was that he receives about $650 every time any of the CSI shows play the Who song openings so he laughingly said that he really doesn't need to be there. Then adding that he is here because he wants to be, laughing.

Towards the end of the show, Pete looked out to the audience and commented about the arena which is a half bowl, recognizing the first and second mezzanine and musing that there might be a third tier (which there is not) where the angels are. Somehow that morphed into a discussion of angels with breasts, big breasts. Then he thanked all the women with breasts in the audience for attending, providing a much needed diversity in the male oriented Who audience. Roger then started pointing to various women, recognizing them and laughing with Pete. Funny few minutes.

Prior to Kids are Alright, Pete gave it a different twist. Gone is the Roger intro of it when he told us it was about him longingly looking at the band van as a place to live rather than his small walk-up apartment with his wife and baby. Last night Pete admitted it was all about all of them, as young men, just wanting to get f*cked.

Roger's voice sounded strong all night although he seemed to not be happy with the sound as he was constantly motioning up and down to his crew. His Love Reign was not one of his best as he seemed really distracted by the sound at that point. I thought the sound was fabulous but perhaps it sounded different to him on stage.

The end of the show intros were the same as usual, with Zak sporting a SSSH t-shirt, which Pete noted, and special praise for Jon Button and his bass playing.

The show is running a good 2 hours which is a long show for Vegas I am told. Fans are definitely getting value for their dollars.

Fingers crossed that future shows will feature more rarities.


Review by Shari Soultree

In Fact I Don't Feel Bad A'Ta11 - Vegas 8/1/17

When I first heard that The Who was playing a residency at Caesars Palace in Vegas, I was excited because it's close to home and so easy being all-in-one place...And then I thought what, Wayne Whoton?!

Par for the course, after viddying live and reading the set from Atlantic City, I hightailed it to Vegas in time for show 2 of 6!

The lights went down as I stood like a rocket ready to launch in my proper 2nd row "crotch spot," but alas, 4 seats front row center remained open, the usual suspects rapidly filled them and invited me, yes, for us hardcore Who junkies, one row is a Whole world of difference!

All at once they appeared like lightning and leapt straight into Can't Explain, I was in Who Heaven! Spinning already like a two rogue toy tops, Roger  and Pete swept us off our feet and spun right into The Seeker! Oh well, the ticket holders suddenly arrived late, Who sacrilege, yet, let the record reflect that I have NEVER taken anyone's rightful seat, if I move about, it's sheerly to dance and in attempts NOT to bother anyone, I wish for EVERYONE to experience my highest high, The Who, live! Nonetheless, the front row bearers sat down for most of the show making my 2nd row prime real estate!

There's nothing like experiencing I Can See for Miles gazing deep into the eyes of my musical heros! Now my heart chamber was really expanded and Pete egged us on much more stating The Kids Are Alright is simply about sex and when they were having it next!

I was absolutely elated and moved to tears during the sweet sultry Pictures of Lily, an unexpected lifelong favourite they pulled out of the hat, pure magic!!! By the end Roger and I were both clutching our hearts!

Pete playfully pranced about all evening and titilated us with his string pounding and slick quick threading and shredding, mostly donning a wry perma grin. "There are Angels, present...thanks for bringing your breasts!" Myself being born on Sigmund Freud's birthday makes me appreciate Pete's sexual humour and wit so well in harmony with his...raw style of performing, way beyond sexual!!!

The set flowed like rushing current and another stunning rarity, came on like an early train, the thundering, locomotive masterpiece, 5:15, now that's the stuff, I collect songs for the soul like aura layers, it happened to be the late Jerry Garcia's birthday, 8/1 and spontaneity of set was a welcome gift!

Jon Button, back from Roger's solo tour was brilliant, searing hot and finger lickin' good on the unmatchable to original John's bass solo and he sustained confidently all night.

My only heart sinking moment was when Roger missed the first raucous scream of love completely during Love Reign O'er Me, one of those tunes I absolutely live for! I must admit, I enjoyed John Corey's keyboard intro more than ever, starting solemn and cascading into a field of blossoming flowers.

All in all, 'twas the beginning of an amazing stellar Wholiday!!! Vegas II rates a solid numba 9 on my scale of 1-13!