The Who at Las Vegas - Caesars Palace Colosseum night 1

The Who Setlist The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV, USA, The Who Tour 2017




My Generation
Amazing Journey / Sparks
Baba O'Riley



Las Vegas Review-Journal


Review by Pat Stanton

The first show of the Vegas residency was awesome - so much better than the show in Grand Rapids. Roger and Pete seemed to enjoy themselves the entire night, laughing and joking with each other. Often they seem on different planets at shows but last night they were just enjoying the moment and rocking.

The audience was odd for a Who show in the US - the majority of the fans just sat for the entire show. Naturally I stood. Did they not know that they were attending a rock concert?

The set list was standard except The Punk and Godfather was added - good choice.

The stage is very large and black. The screen is enormous and really adds to the experience. The band stands much father back, midstage, although Roger is up front throughout the show, either leading the audience or just performing.

The accoustics are excellent and, unlike many venues including the recent Grand Rapids show, the sound was distributed and not just blasting from a speaker.

Pete was in a happy mood all night. He taught us history lessons, his words, about the music, chatting before a number of them. Before My Generation, he dedicated the song to all the women whose men made them come (very long pause) to the concert. Adding Why did you let them do that? It got a big laugh and was funnier at the time when he said it.

Before I'm One, Pete sarcastically told the audience that we could sit down for this one before he launched into a long story about what Quad is about and how they could not get it right when they first tried to tour it in 1973 and 1974 because it was too complicated. He now attributed the success of production to the fact that they are just miming the songs as everything, including the instruments, are all pre-recorded. He laughed heartily after that as did Roger.

Roger sounded magnificent all night. The accoustics made his voice just soar. His Love Reign was incredible. The ventilation must have been excellent on the stage as I smelled marijuana in the audience (jerks for smoking in the venue) but it did not seem to bother him.

The entire band played with incredible passion all night. Especially brilliant were Sparks and The Rock.

The intros at the end were typical except for Zak's. He ran from his drum kit to stand by Roger, hugging him as soon as he got there. Pete commented that he has been their drummer for much longer than Keith - 21 years already. I loved the new Who baseball jersey that he wore for the show. Zak always wears cool outfits - too bad the Bosses don't mix it up more although Pete does look good in the white shirt that he is sporting this tour.

Pete told us that this was the first of six shows and thst if they like it they may come back, indicating what matters is if they like it, not if we like it. Again laughter. Rumour is that there are 2 more 6 show residencies being considered over 2018 and 2019 but who knows.

Pete also thanked us for coming to the show before he introduced Bargain, adding that no one got a bargain for what the tickets cost at that venue - very true.

In Roger's goodbye, he commented that he did not know how people can stand the heat in Vegas. Yes it is hot here but the wonderful show made it worth it.