2005-12-4 Basement Jam Oceanic Studios

Basement Jam - Oceanic Studios, London - December 4, 2005

Live webcast from In The Attic and Oceanic Studios, filmed in front of a live audience

Pete Townshend - Drowned, Greyhound Girl, Blue Red and Grey, In the Ether (with Rachel), Just Breathe (with Rachel), Sunrise (with Rachel), Behind Blue Eyes, Let’s See Action

Rachel Fuller - Into My Heart, Ghost in Your Room, Imperfection, Cigarettes and Housework, Happy to Be Sad, Spin, Pleasure Seeker, Jigsaw, Shine (with all)

Mikey Cuthbert - You, Tourist, Plasticine, Clever Girl, My Pigeon Friend

Simon Townshend - Save Me From Me, Comeback, Soul Searching, Girl In New York, The Way It Is, Sex Change

Foy Vance - Crosstown Traffic (Hendrix), Gabriel & The Vagabond, Don’t Please Yourself, Indiscriminate Act of Kindness



Fan review on Blogspot

Excerpts from Pete’s Diaries on petetownshend.com.

20 November 2005

I know I will sound like the President of the local Golf Club when I use this expression, but I am very excited to announce BASEMENT JAM. This webcast happens on December 4th from Oceanic Studios in London, England. It is now going to be offered FREE not Pay For View. This does mean we will be unable to guarantee a clean feed to every viewer but we are increasing the bandwidth massively to cope with a bigger subscription.

Rachel Fuller's IN THE ATTIC shows every mid-week from Oceanic have been a test bed for this first LIVE MUSIC webcast. Rachel has already announced this show from her Blog, and on IN THE ATTIC last week.

A limited number of people will be able to attend to watch the show live at the studio in London, but the programme is targetted at the internet audience at home.

The show is based on the same cast of guests Rachel invited to appear at her show at the London Bedford Arms show in Balham on October 18th. The same artists will appear live: Pete Townshend, Foy Vance, Simon Townshend, Mikey Cuthbert and of course Rachel will host the evening and perform with her band.

As well as a live music show BASEMENT JAM will feature live interviews, chats and informal music from Rachel's IN THE ATTIC - a format many of you will already have checked out. There will also be a highlight from the Bedford Arms show.

A DVD of the combined events will be made available early in 2006. [Editors note: this was never released.]


21 November 2005

It has always been my intention to pepper the free stuff looped on the WhoTV (free stream) with really good Pay For View events. The first one, planned for December 4th has hit some critical problems. Nothing technical.

The BASEMENT JAM event on December 4th is going ahead FREE. The downside is that without a ticket/password system in place we cannot guarantee a clean stream feed to every subscriber - I hope I have purchased enough bandwidth to meet demand.

In the next week on WhoTV you will see a number of 'bootleg' style DVDs sent to me in May for my birthday by Carrie Pratt who is developing the LONG LIVE ROCK website to establish a BitTorrent group for future high quality downloads - shareware and commercial. But the stuff I'm showing this week is bootleg material that you might normally expect to pay for. We do not intend to boot the booters here, rather to acknowledge the funky work they are doing and to widen their audience and our own.