1973 London Lyceum

The Who at Lyceum Theatre, The Strand, London, November 13, 1973

Here are a few photos from Alex Kipfer that are up on the Swiss The Who Archive site.

Here is what Alex remembers about that show.

No internet – when I arrived in London I had to make my way to the Lyceum, I had no clue where it was / what it was. I asked people in the street for directions, I think eventually I took a cab to bring me there. A long, long queue was what I found, hundereds of fans stood in line, no mess, no pushing, nothing. Three sides around the block I could queue up and after not long waiting the line moved. Correctly dressed men checked the ticket – no security checks at that time. Quadrophenia was already out and I got my Track Records copy (Vinyl) in London on 14th November, the next day after the concert.

I would like to refer to ‘The Who Concert File’ book by Joe McMichael and Irish Jack (Lyons) which is a great and highly valuable reference summary for all kinds of things, mainly shows and set-lists. They did a lot of writing on the Lyceum shows. Thanks Jack and Joe! To me, it was my 2nd Who concert, I was overwhelmed from the first to the last note!

Here are 2 parts of the ticket. The door men used to tear the tickets apart and throw them on the floor! I grabbed a few of the torn tickets and put them together as a souvenir. Tickets cost £2.50 which is a ridiculous price, it would be US $3.25 today…

Lyceum 1973