1973 Twickenham

Pete's home in Twickenham, January 1, 1973

Here are a few photos from Alex Kipfer that are up on the Swiss The Who Archive site.

Alex and his brother visited Pete at this home in Twickenham on New Years Day in 1973. Here is what Alex remembers about that day.

My brother and I spent a few days over New Year’s eve in London and on the 1st (or 2nd) of January 1973, we decided to pay Pete a visit. He in person opened the door as we rang (or knocked) and he let us in. Apparently he remembered me, the crazy Who fan from the Zurich show some four months before. He and I embraced like any other Meher Baba follower would. He wasn’t up for long I guessed, however, he was kind, friendly and polite to us ‘intruders’ as can be, and that overwhelmed me. He served tea and we chatted and took pictures. The smiling chap behind the sofa is my late brother. Pete was keen to give me proper answers to my few questions about his new project and other things. He showed us his private upstairs studio and he, being aware that our mother tongue is German, offered me a cassette copy of his O‘Parvardigar, sung in German! He taped it for me from his master reel (Revox tape machine) onto a portable cassette recorder. The cassette used was Vikky Carr’s The Way of Today. I think he was delighted to give this German version to someone who speaks this language, knowing that I’d appreciate this gift so much! After the song ended, there are a few moments of one of his Quadrophenia demos. I still have the cassette and I kept the recording for myself for years. A very few close friends and Who fans eventually got a copy from me. Meanwhile, it is officially available. Anyway, after a while I decided to give Pete his well deserved rest after probably a long night before. We bid farewell, till the next time… Back home, I sent him some of the photos I took, which he then returned to me, along with a very friendly letter which I still have. My brother left his gloves somewhere in his living room. We never went to collect them.