1974 Nancy

The Who at Parc des Expositions de Nancy, France February 22, 1974

Alex Kipfer was kind enough to let us post a few of his photos from this show that are up on the Swiss The Who Archive site.

Alex went backstage and took some photos of the band rehearsing and the stage equipment, then photographed the show from the audience. He is shown in the photo with Roger backstage. This is what he wrote about that night:

"We had backstage access thanks to some people I knew from the Who office in London (Track). We were allowed to move freely almost anywhere. I was bold enough to take some shots of the boys rehearsing. I was in paradise! They were very friendly and gave autographs. In those days, you were much closer to the stage than you are now. Also, the stages were not as elevated as they are today.

I travelled from Zurich to Nancy by train, along with my friend Pat (the lad next to Keith with the yellow European Tour 1972 T-shirt), who was a Who fan at that time. We booked no hotel and we were aware that we had to spend the rest of the night somewhere after the show until the time our next morning train was scheduled. I do not remember where we spent the night, probably at the railway station on some bench. Real Who freaks could sleep anywhere!

What I also remember is that, while we were waiting for the doors to open in front of the Exhibition Hall, I was badly hit by a flying empty green beer bottle from behind. I fainted but fortunately, after a while, I was 'reborn'. The back of my head was nicely swollen. Most of the crowd were pissed by cheap beer and cheaper wine!"


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