1980 Zurich

The Who in Hallenstadion Zurich March 28, 1980

Alex Kipfer was kind enough to let us post a few of his lovely photos that are up on the Swiss The Who Archive site.

Alex photographed the show from the audience, then later went backstage to meet the band. This is what he wrote about that night:

As far as I remember I was a guest of the promoter Good News. Shame I did not take any pictures of Pete backstage. What I remember is that before the show started, he came down the corridor with a bottle of Cognac in one of his hands (I think it was Remi Martin), he was going slowly towards the door of his dressing room and his eyes were weary. I said "Hi Peter“ or something like that and not more; I was under the impression he did not really feel like talking to fans. I respected this and took no photos. Attached is a copy of my free ticket and my backstage pass.

I met Pete again (and had a chat with him) in his Eel Pie Studio in Twickenham on 3rd or 4th September 1981. He was busy recording "Chinese Eyes" that was released in June 1982. I was travelling in Scotland on my own shortly after having been divorced from my ex wife (I have a lovely photo of both her with Pete, taken at Zurich in 1976). I flew from Inverness to LHR on Sept 3rd and my return to Zurich was only on Sept 4th. So I took the train to Twickenham (or Richmond) to see Pete and say hello. Karen opened the door (2, The Embankment) and said he was not in. She gave me directions to the studio, it was in walking distance by the Thames. The receptionist there did not send me to hell (they probably would today), she rang the next door studio and said that Alex from Switzerland was there waiting for Pete. Out he came after a few minutes, we took a seat on the sofa in the reception area. He said to me: "Alex, what are you up to?", and I explained my emotional situation with that divorce. He listened carefully and then concluded: "Alex, time will tell…" and that I should not worry. After about half an hour he showed me round in the studio and introduced me to the other musicians there. I think that one or two of Big Country fame were there, too (one of my all time great favorite bands!) They probably were Mark and Tony. They were busy with the Chinese album. We bid farewell and I went to the airport hotel for my last night in the UK. I have not one single photo of that occasion and I have no clue why!

Zurich ticket