2006-11-3 Los Angeles

Set List

Cigarettes and Housework
I Can Fly
Just Breathe (with Pete Townshend)


Review by Carrie Pratt

Rachel gave another great performance at the Barnes and Noble at The Grove at Farmers Market in Los Angeles.  The Grove is an outdoor shopping mall that reminded me of a cross between a Las Vegas casino and Disneyland, and there were quite a few cool shops to browse in near the bookstore before the show began.
Tom and I showed up early and were happy to have a chance to chat with a few friends for a while.  We finally got a chance to meet Mikey Cuthbert, who was very charming and fun to talk to.  A few minutes later, I chatted briefly with Pete and Rachel, before they were whisked into a hidden room where they were holed up until showtime.
While the store was very large, the area they had Rachel set up in was in a small corner of the store that was hemmed in with tall book shelves, making for tight quarters for the somewhat large crowd that showed up to see her.  I thought the setup at the Seattle B&N was much better.  I spotted at least one celebrity in the crowd, Eric McCormack who stars in the Will and Grace TV show.  There were quite a few bloggers in the audience, and I can tell they all thoroughly enjoyed the show.
Rachel performed close to the same set as Seattle, replacing 'Imperfection' with 'I Can Fly'.  Pete joined her for a stunning version of 'Just Breathe'.  Again, the four song set went by too fast, leaving the crowd wanting more.  This time there was no Who show to rush off to afterwards, so it would have been great to have seen at least a couple more songs.  Rachel definitely made up for it a few nights later at the Hotel Cafe.  After she finished her performance, Pete and Rachel chatted with fans and signed a bunch of autographs.
This was a super fun event.  Thank you Rachel for putting on these shows for everyone!