2019-09-08 Alpine Valley




The Who Setlist Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, USA 2019, Moving On!



Journal Sentinal
Milwaukee Magazine (Pete interview)


Review by Bob Smith

I have been a True Who fan since 1971. That’s when The Who hit my soul. Since then I’ve seen them over 30 times including seeing Pete, Roger and John solo shows. Last night at Alpine Valley was easily one of the best I’ve ever seen.

First off Rogers voice was strong and I’m not going to nit pick that he couldn’t hit some of the really high notes. He did a incredible job for his age 75, with his range he has coming from his vocal cords. The entire crowd that I noticed were just in awe of his performance.

Pete was on fire. Doing windmills getting the crowd to stand up and go wild. His guitar playing is just out of this world. Acoustic and electric. In my book he is the greatest musician, composer, etc in my lifetime.

Zak Starky is simply put quite an amazing drummer. He was a force just like Moon used to be. Simon Townshend was also front and center playing guitar. An incredible musician in his own right.

I thought the orchestra really fit in when they were playing the songs of Pete to a tee. It’s amazing that they are picking up these orchestra’s from city to city when they play with sure little practice. The Who has so many songs to choose from when they tour and I think their setlist was perfect.

The whole night you could feel the energy from the band from start to finish. No other band in my lifetime creates that kind of power on stage, even in 2019. Even when Pete and Roger did an acoustic version of Won’t Get Fooled Again you could feel the range and power from Rogers voice and Pete’s strumming of the guitar. What I noticed is that everybody loved it. Starting out with songs from Tommy and ending in Baba O’Riley with Katie Jacoby playing her part with the violin.

This show will forever be etched in my mind. Just like all the other ones I have seen them in the past. Long Live Rock, and as Roger would say, Be Lucky!