2019-10-24 Hollywood Bowl






The Who Setlist Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2019, Moving On!



Rock Cellar
Lefsetz Letter


Review by Tim Ballou

“Who Knows”? That’s what Pete said in regard to the possibility of coming back to Los Angeles. Those of us who have been going to “farewell” Who shows since 1982 will probably say the same thing when asked if this is the last.

The third and final Bowl show (and final 2019 tour show) was another great affair on a day when Los Angeles was literally on fire again. Pete said they are coming back to the US next year, but doesn’t think they will come through LA again because they’ve already sucked all the money out of us. He profusely thanked attendees for not only the money spent, but the effort to get there. A reference to the fires? Maybe. Or maybe just to the general chaos of weekday traffic, stack parking, shuttles, Ubers, and whatnot.

In the days preceding this show I saw a lot of ticket availability but from my vantage point it appeared to be yet another virtual full house. The band was in great form though Pete seemed to be a bit subdued. His voice was a tad scratchy and he grabbed a tissue a few times. It was likely something barely perceptible to anyone who hadn’t seen the last two shows. He still did his job with above-average proficiency, chatting along the way about how licensing his music has had an effect on the context of the songs, and the fact that Taron Egerton (actor who played Elton John in Rocketman) was in the house and that everyone should go squeeze his bum. He also mentioned that Ringo was present.