2019-09-25 Houston





The Who Setlist Toyota Center, Houston, TX, USA 2019, Moving On!



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Review by Alan McKendree

Roger started out noticeably straining, vocally, and skipping a high note or two. They did the Tommy section as usual, then he was silent for most of the first verse of WAY, and skipped the last chorus altogether. Pete led the audience in an encouraging cheer for Roger, then they went into EF where Pete, of course, does the singing. Following that, Roger said into the mic something like "I don't think I can add anything, you better do the show without me.", and walked off.

Pete said to the audience, "We'll see you in 10 minutes" and the whole band left. After about 5 minutes Pete came back out and announced, with apologies, that Roger just couldn't go on and it didn't make sense to try to put something else together on the fly, as this was really Roger's show. He said some very nice things about knowing how the audience had traveled and gone to the effort to be there, and he swore they'd come back to re-do the show...and that was that.

Lights up and everybody out about 9:10.


Houston, Dallas, Denver shows have all been postponed to April / May 2020. Rescheduled dates TBA.