The Who's Moving On concert pages are up!

The Who wrapped up the first leg of their Moving On! tour with a performance in Pittsburgh on May 30. All of the shows were a resounding success, and the fans were delighted with the groundbreaking new format of integrating the refined sounds of a full orchestra with the raw electric power of the band, which combined to provide an exciting new dynamic. Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey were in top form, and received critical praise from all the journalists and fans who attended the shows.

Congratulations to The Who for a successful tour!

You can read all about each show in our concert pages that contain hundreds of photos, videos, articles, and fan reviews. Lots of great stuff here, so be sure to check these out. Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

To view the pages, click on the links below.


Moving On tour pagesPhoto credit: Ken Settle